Updated 2014 post to include printouts for Beanie Baby Tag.


Throwbacks have been all around me lately…throwback fashion (just check out fashion week – it’s all there- 50’s vintage, 60’s retro), throwback sport jerseys (Steelers wearing 1934 uniforms during Sunday’s game – looked like bumble bees),throwback songs,throwback snacks (Dungaroos, Fruit Roll up), throwback Thursday pictures (go on Instagram on a Thursday #tbt) , throwback toys…throwback BEANIE BABIES.


Remember those days in the early 90’s when they emerged and turned into a complete frenzy by 1995! Hey, they are actually still around and TY Warner Inc is still coming out with new ones. Good for them.

I was one of those kids who took hours organizing the beanie babies and photographing them, I learned how to knit clothes for them, made little beds for them to sleep in, got a happy meal a day just to have ALL the Mini Beanie Babies… went kinda nuts about it!! My dad took it to the next level though—- sneaking in the BBs for me when he got home from work so my mother wouldn’t know how many I actually was hoarding; we got protective cases and protective tags because they “are going to be worth a lot of money one day”… hmmm it’s been over a decade later… are they worth more than $5.99 retail price? I did some research and surprisingly people are selling some for $92,500.. yes..(1) Beanie Baby for almost a million bucks!…. check out this Beanie baby guide to see if you have any collecting dust in your attic worth something. I should probably do the same?

In honor of this wonderful throwback from my childhood…and for everyone thinking Freddy is a little stuffed animal… He was a Beanie Baby for Howl-oween and we went to the dog parade at the Charles River Esplanade on Sunday. He had an absolute blast – from marching the 1/2 mile parade route, bobbing for hot dogs, getting plenty of treats from Pawsh Dog Boutique and the Barkery, having his portrait drawn by Pawblo Picasso, winning some raffles, eating salmon skins from Polkadog, and best part? Meeting plenty of adorable other dogs in the Bay area… puppy play dates!



My little Beanie Baby!image1 (2)

The best part about his costume (besides it being free), was that he didn’t even notice it on him and the attention he received for it was amazing! People were so impressed and I couldn’t believe it because it was such a simple costume.

So many of you have asked me about this tag, so I updated this old post to include the printout I used. Here is a link with 15 generations of TY tags, incase you want a different looking one.

What I did:

Enlarged and printed the tag out on cardstock paper (actually my dad did it for me because I didn’t have a printer at the time), folded it in half, punched a hole and strung red ribbon through (make sure the length is long enough to comfortably go around your dog’s neck! (or you can attach it to their collar). I then had my sister help me write a little rhyming story about Freddy and I wrote it inside — just like the real beanie babies have. 

That’s about it — Simple, fast, creative and free 🙂

Please comment with any pictures, if you end up doing this for your dog (or cat or any pet!) I’d love to see.

Thanks Woman’s Day Magazine for featuring Freddy on your site. Check out all 52 funny and adorable dog costumes on WD.


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