You can style sweats like I did here with a skirt. You can also style athletic wear pretty easily. As I have mentioned before, I love to dress for comfort and this outfit is right up my alley. I have thrown on a pair of booties with ankle tight sweatpants throughout college – usually because I was in sweats doing homework and got a text to meet up at the cafeteria for dinner – I would toss on some ankle booties quick and take off. It was such a simple look that many people would not do, but it worked for me and still does. In fact, athleisure has been quite the trend in 2016 😉

Apres ski clothing can be on par with athleisure. I mean you ski all day, and then usually wear whatever is under your ski pants with some winter boots, a cozy sweater or button down. Add a cute warm scarf and hat and you have a stylish athletic outfit. 

I’ll be doing some more skiing this weekend (this time at local beginner ski mountains where I initially took ski lessons) – I want to get over my anxiety I have been having with skiing. You see, N has been snowboarding since he was a little kid and I just started when N and I met.  Although, I can get up and down the mountain, I get major anxiety in doing so. I hope I can keep doing small amounts so that I can be more comfortable the next time we head up North to do a big ski mountain! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Shop the look:

Would you wear something like this? I’d love to hear your thoughts and also some feedback on what kind of outfit posts you’d like to see. More Athletic wear? What I wear working out? Office outfits? Let me know! 

Xo, K

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