Although I do not consider myself a “girly girl”. I do love ruffles, lace, floral, and polka dots. I think it’s all about feeling feminine and chic. If I had to classify my style, I’d say its boho feminine. I really do dress for comfort first and that’s really important to me. When I saw this TopShop ruffle top, (now only $39.99!) I had to get it and I had to get it in the black/white stripe too! It’s so me!  I have worn both with so many different combos already – white button down collared shirt underneath, or tucked into a high-waist skirt or with sweatpants for an athleisure look.

Adding to my 2017 goals, I am going to try to create a capsule wardrobe for myself – what does that mean? It means being a modern-day minimalist. Being able to use the same pieces in a number of ways to create different looks.  My sister recently moved in with her boyfriend, and when she did – she said she donated 10 large kitchen size bags stuffed with clothes and said she hardly notices them being gone. In today’s day and age, we can get caught up in consuming things. For example, in college, when the weekend was in sight, my friends and I would hit up the mall (Forever 21) just to buy a new outfit to go out in! Why? Our closets were already filled! Well, we were caught in the world of consuming and buying and just needing to have something new –just because. I am growing away from that idea now that I am getting older, but I will admit I still impulse buy which is why building a wardrobe and a lifestyle on minimalism will be a challenge for me, but something I think is important. It will help me focus on my relationship more, on spending time with friends and family more, on enjoying the moment verses worrying about what I am going to wear or if I have the newest gadgets. 

Please follow along as I share insights into how I plan to move in that direction. After N built me a walk-in closet, I did purge bags and bags of clothing and accessories – and guess what? I don’t even miss it! (well I miss some pieces that got donated by mistake – thanks N).  As long as you have some stable pieces, (like ruffle tops!) you are fine. I am no where there yet, but working on it and will share my experiences to hopefully inspire you to do the same and focus on living your life 🙂 Here are some of my fav ruffle tops to have in your wardrobe.

Some of my favorite accessories that can be used time and time again are below — like my Nine West black leather booties that I wear with just about every outfit in the winter. Black high waist jeans go with everything, and my BCBG chain link bag, I use all the time, from going out to dinners to being a wedding guest to running errands. It’s a great size to hold your cell, credit cards/ license, lipstick and gum!

I’d love to know —  what are some staple pieces you have in your closet that you use time and time again?

Thanks for reading, Xo, K

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