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Cycling 50-miles to help young girls!

Helping young girls around the Boston area find a good, strong role model.unnamed

So, my BF’s boss signed him up for this road race for MS 3 years ago. He legit got on a bike- not a regular bike you get for your 5th birthday, but a bike that costs around a grand – I’ve seen some for 8 grand$$$ (craze) done up with skinny tires, clip in shoes with some type of carbon frame.  Nico rode from Boston to Ptown, cape cod – like 180 miles! uhm yeah I’m exhausted driving my car that far – forget having to peddle my way there.  Check out the page to support MS and ride yourself next year!

but yeah funny thing, I ended up buying myself a road bike last year and since I’m in the Big Sister program felt the need to sign up for this race in honor of the organization….We are raising money on behalf of Big Sister Association of Greater Boston for the 2014 Rodman Ride for Kids. This ride is the #1 single-day athletic fundraiser in the nation supporting at-risk kids.

There’s my pitch for donations. 100% goes to support these wonderful children in the world we live in today!

Click Here To Support Karina Mroczko’s Rodman Ride Page   unnamed (1)


p.S. How I’m going to ride the 50 mile portion?… I don’t know! Since getting a pup, my training has slowly disappeared!! Better gear up this weekend and put some major miles on … someone is going to be sore!


Yoga in the park

photo credit: KPaulet

My BFF and I went to this yoga class after work today.Honestly, we didn’t know what we were doing. I mean the thought of being a yogi…yogini? sounds great and relaxing and I feel like those people just have a great outlook on life!! But it’s not the easiest thing, especially when you just keep resorting to “child’ pose” because you can’t stand your knees on your elbows!… not yet at least

I’ll be sure to keep with it and one day call myself a Yogiiii!!

Anyways,  It was by the water-90 something degrees with about 50 people! So great to be in such a positive environment  and OUTDOORS esp after sitting in the office all day… Oh! and if that wasn’t amaze enough- the classes are Freeeee 🙂

be sure to check out “Yoga with Shira” on Facebook!  She was such a great instructor – class sched should be up there too!