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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Here is another one of my favorite Polish dishes to eat (and now make!) I taught myself this past year how to make all my favorite Polish dishes now that I no longer live at home. I figured instead of waiting for the holidays when my grandpa makes a lot of these traditional dishes, I would learn myself so I could have them whenever I had a craving (or missed my grandma). Have your tried my potato dumplings yet? (more…)

We make these instead of mashed potatoes for every holiday: KLUSKI

523149_638722049166_378506654_n3I have mentioned these when I posted a recipe for roasted chicken, so I am going to share the recipe!  These potato based dumplings are called KLUSKI ŚLĄSKIE (K-L-U-SS-K-I) in Polish and they are by far my favorite side dish out there!  

I am sharing some kluski pictures from when I was in Poland a few months back and some instructional pictures from when I made them at home recently. When we were selecting my wedding venue this year, one of our requirements was that the chef serve KLUSKI ŚLĄSKIE! It honestly was a deal breaker if they didn’t serve them.

I can’t wait to have them in a few days on Thanksgiving!


The easier way to peel and cut butternut squash

Since its fall and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I have been experimenting with some butternut squash recipes. I had no idea where to start with the prep. Are you supposed to peel it? How much do you need to peel? Does it matter how you cut it? Well, here are the answers to those questions and more about prepping this winter squash.

*Oh, to make it much easier, (more…)

Tuesday Ten: Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

The holidays are upon us – the Thanksgiving to New Year’s season seems to take forever to get here, but then goes by way too fast! It’s the time we forget about our diets because it’s just SO hard when delicious traditional food is all around us – we can’t get away from it. From spending time in the kitchen with family and friends to work holiday parties to simply running errands – the smells of pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha and gingerbread are everywhere.

With that said, I always try to incorporate some healthy options into the feasting to balance out the inevitable overeating and indulging. We are running a 5-miler on Thanksgiving morning as well! I hope my fiance and brother go easy on me this year!  Although I have become a better runner with some of the tweaks I mentioned here.

Here are 10 yummy, must try recipes  … (more…)

How to cut a pomegranate without making a mess

Sunday dinner: EASY Roast Chicken and Vegetables (2 different recipes!)

I have been exploring with making a rotisserie style whole chicken at home. If you can cook a whole chicken for a Sunday dinner (and have it taste amazing) than you officially are a self-sufficient grown up. For some reason, roasting a whole chicken seemed like something I would just never be able to do — I accepted that I would only have this meal when I went to my parents house for dinner. I never thought I would know how to make it myself. Turns out, I was over-reacting – it really is SO simple! I have made it a few times now, trying out different methods and ingredients.  I am going to share 2 different recipes with you: a juicy German-style roast chicken that is beyond simple to make and my favorite roast chicken that has a few extra steps involved (kitchen twine!)img_04782What’s a chicken without (more…)