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12 for #12 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

It’s Super Bowl weekend and I’m proud to say The New England Patriots are in it again 🙂 I remember when Tom Brady first emerged as the QB when Bledsoe was injured during the 2001 season and all the ladies were awwing at that butt chin! It was a crazy game because Bledsoe was replaced by Brady even when he was cleared to play (poor Drew!)  I remember my brother, who was 5 years old at the time (ah baby bro!) and I made “Brady dogs” and “Bledsoe burgers”. It was from that moment that I loved the idea of Super Bowl themed food for the big game — when the Patriots are playing, that is! 😉

So, this weekend, I’ll be whipping up some fun Patriots vs. Falcons themed recipes. I don’t know what exactly, but it has to feel football-like. I’m talking greasy, deep-fried, pub food without the grease or the deep fry!  #weddingdiethello

Here are 12 healthy ideas to get you planning:

1. Sweet Potato Skins: Skip the regular potatoes and add some extra health benefits with these Sweet Potato Skins via Pinch of Yum. Simply amazing.

Sweet Potato Skins | 17 Incredibly Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

2. Baked Parmesan Zucchini: Every time we go out to one of my favorite restaurants, I order the Zucchini sticks. Although zucchini is (more…)

After Christmas Sales

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing Christmas if you celebrated. For N and I,  our holidays are filled with hopping from one household to the next (to Nico’s aunt’s house and then to my parent’s house for Christmas this year). We used to have to split up the day with dinner at one house and dessert at the other, but this year just worked out so perfect that one started earlier and was slowing down right when the other one was beginning! It is a lot of energy to balance everything out, but we want to see as many people we can on the holidays, especially our family. (more…)

Friday’s Five

Happy Friday! I hope everyone finished their Christmas shopping by now! I have 2 more things to get — but they are so simple, I can pick them up today! (gift cards). I am also on my way to the farm to take some blog pictures and also pet all the animals! I am just obsessed with these little farm animals this season. I think because they remind me of Freddy. I swear they have the same mannerisms – it’s hard to explain, but if you were around farm animals, mostly sheep, llamas, and these mini donkeys — and then with Freddy, you would get what I am talking about. 

Anyways, here are my Five Favorites this week:

— making these gingerbread mug toppers for our Christmas Day party at my parents; courtesy of Lauren Conrad’s blog(more…)

Friday’s Five

Welcome to the weekend, everyone! Today is N’s last day of work for 2 weeks – a much-needed and very much deserved vacation – he’s wrapping up his final paper of his 3 year MBA program and it’s just about that time of the year that we can count our blessings and enjoy having some time together to well do Christmas things! Even though I’m not a big fan of the winter (summer gal at heart!), Christmas time is my absolute favorite time. This year is extra special because its my last Christmas of being engaged, N is done his MBA so we can have our time back and well it’s the first Christmas that I can dedicate to doing what I love and be out of the corporate lifestyle.

I have SO much more to do today before a cookie baking galore at my parents house tonight (I’ll be posting on Snap and the recipes later tonight) – so let me quickly run down my Friday’s Five Favorites with you! (more…)

Wednesday Wishlist: Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guys! I can’t believe this is the last weekend before Christmas, which means Nico and I have A LOT of shopping to do this weekend. To be honest, I have been buying tons of gifts online this year because of the great deals and quick shipping! My neighbor just told me that him and his wife finished all their shopping last night on Amazon Prime – they even got the gifts wrapped and delivered to their family’s house in PA! #genius That way, when they load up their car with the baby, all the luggage and the dog for the 6+ hour drive, they don’t have to pack any of the gifts! Amazon lets you put in different delivery address and they gift wrap for you and even put a note on each saying not to open until Christmas! Love that!

How cute are these seasonal inspired gifts? They are perfect when you just don’t know what to get someone or even better for yourself if you’re hosting a holiday party! My mom gets me Christmas socks every year and I wear them all winter long ….and into the Spring 🙂 Oh, and all the links to the exact products are below the collages – just click on the number!

1 | 2 (the hat lights up!) | 3 (Sale for $5)| 4 | 5 | 6 (also loving this one) | 7 (AE has really funny boxers/briefs) | 8