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Freddy’s 2nd modeling contract!

Our Holiday Greeting

This is our Holiday greeting card! Another thing about growing up and living on your own — is sending out these cards to the special people in your life… I love doing that. I even sent one to Freddy’s breeder with a small note updating her about him =) I know its something I would appreciate, so I hope she did too. Merry Merry!How Fred slept after our Christmas Eve-Eve ugly Sweater party. PAWS up!IMG_1617

Monthly Subscription Boxes!

There are so many boxes out there lately – it’s the new thing (or I’m just jumping on the bandwagon now). I’m talking a monthly subscription box filled with makeup,  filled with bras, a box from a stylist (I got Nico trunk club), a box for your cat, a box for your fishing loving brother (Mystery Tackle Box), a box for shaving (Dollar Shave club), food boxes (Plated), natural product boxes, Vegan snack boxes… the list goes on!

So I haven’t got a box for myself (yet), but I’m loving getting them for other people, especially those on my Christmas list— Because seriously it is already in a box – you just need a bow to go on it!


Freddy is a model puppy or a “Celebripup” for PUPBOX. You can use his special code and get 15% off (Freddy15). So, this is his first month with the box and so far, we’re loving it. In his Holiday Box, he got 2 toys, puppy vitamins (chicken liver flavor), differnt types of healthy training treats, and the best part is it is targeted to his age group – so Freddy being 5 months old, I got tons of training tips geared to his age — practicing Come When Called, for example!

It’s so cute when he gets it and I let him open it himself –totally need to take a video next month =)

IMG_1148(1) IMG_1185

What box will you try this month? Or what have you tried already? Let me know – I am sure there are a thousand more out there that I haven’t even heard of yet.







and the winner is….





 Thank you to all who commented on the Old Factory Candle giveaway post!  There can only be 1 winner, but of course you can go on and order a set for yourself just in time for the Holidays.

 Congratulations to the winner mentioned in the video. Please let me know what set you would like and I will send over some instructions on how to retrieve your Old Factory Candle set =)

6 important tips to keep your pet healthy and safe during the holidays

With all the holiday gatherings about to begin, the last thing you need is to take a trip to the emergency VET hospital. Follow these simple, yet important tips so you can focus on eggnog and gingerbread and mistletoe =)

1. No Holiday Table Scraps! I’m a new dog owner and I fall victim to that cute little face staring at you when you’re eating something warm and delicious – but you just can’t! I mean maybe give them a few pieces of plain turkey meat, but NO SKIN,NO GRAVY. You don’t want to give them too much rich fat which could lead them to severe stomach pains, or in the worst case – pancreatitis.

2. Bones – you know “This old man, he played one,He played knick-knack on my thumb;
With a knick-knack paddywhack,GIVE THE DOG A BONE,This old man came rolling home”… actually, DON’T DO THAT! Poultry bones will most likely splinter, thus forming sharp edges that could potentially get stuck in the gastrointestinal tract or throat causing dangerous punctures. Better yet – do you know how to give Pet CPR? Pet Heimlich Maneuver? Here’s a link just in case you don’t follow these tips!

unnamed (3)

3. Be careful if you have Snacks out around the house for guests to nibble on. No Macadamia nuts, raisins, grapes or chocolate – all things that a party mix may have and that a dog cannot. Chocolate can OVER- stimulate the heart and it actually fatal in small dogs because of this…eeek.

4. NO ALCOHOL. I feel like there is always that drunk uncle or maybe a kid who thinks it would be fun to give your pet some beer in their bowl… uhm NO. This can actually be fatal. Also, monitor where you or anyone places their bevs – dogs can sneak up on coffee tables and slurp your drink right up!

5. Having Dessert? In my family that usually means there is coffee too or something with espresso in it!….. Or maybe a morning lattee to get you through with last minute cooking. Caffeine can cause tremors or even a seizure if they have too much!! Scaryyy

6. Have your vets number handy, (saved in your phone, a sheet on the fridge)…Also make sure you know an emergency 24 hour vet just in case you need a back-up!

This should make for a smooth holiday party focusing on family, friends, and at my Polish family parties—whose going to finish the Vodka bottle! Have a safe and happy Holiday season- to you and to your furry pet too!