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Denim on Denim, Foliage, Puppy & Ticks – The Friday Roundup

plaid + jeans + boots, check!


I can’t believe this weekend is Halloween weekend already! I’m in this awkward stage where I don’t even care about going to parties – is that weird? I find myself being totally okay with carving pumpkins with my younger brother and gf on a Friday night (those 2 are just SO fun to be around!) or putting on sweats, cooking dinner and snuggling up on the couch with my pup and guy. Those are the weekends I live for. I can’t even think of the last time I wanted to get all dolled up and go out to a bar and drink. It’s so much effort! I think it’s official that I am getting older? or maybe I’m just getting boring? HA no way!

There’s a time and place for everything — I mean when my ladies are in town, I’ll get dolled up and go out with them and be a social butterfly or when the guy needs that Manhattan after a long work week, we’re hitting up the martini bar! (unless I can teach myself to make a damn good Manhattan at home!) 😉

I wear ankle booties all fall and winter — and then into the spring. They really are (more…)

Fringe top


Have you ever bought something that you absolutely adored even though you weren’t sure where you would wear it (a fancy ball gown or maybe crystal embellished high heels or a designer suit for the men that read my blog!) You convinced yourself that one day you’d be invited to the Grammys (or you’d make your guy take you to the opera!), just so you’d feel better about making the purchase? You know, when you want to dress up super fancy and go somewhere super fancy type of thing? 

Anyways, I used to buy clothes with the intention of wearing them to an event, but I would either forget that I had those heels sitting in the back of my closet and go out to buy new ones or I would not like the color of the dress anymore – or it didn’t fit right — the list goes on. Luckily, I’m a grown woman now that rather spend her money on dog toys and groceries. sigh.

One thing I have always done when it comes to fashion and still do is (more…)

off white, knee length vest

dsc_0459dsc_0480 dsc_0497
I have been loving these tissue turtleneck t-shirts lately. They are so soft and thin that you can easily layer them underneath a sweater or throw a long vest over it like I did here. You can get them at J-crew and they carry them in at least 10 other colors. (I snagged 4 of them for $22 each during Columbus weekend sale at J-crew Factory. They currently have them for $14.50, I think I need to grab a few more actually!

The vest is by Romeo + Juliet Couture, I have been finding a lot of that brand at Marshalls & Tjs and I just love the designs. The pockets are key and it can easily be worn as an alternate to the blazer when you want to switch it up a bit. The wool fedora has been my lifesaver during my recent travels. Walking through the airport with jet lag and hair a mess, this hat is not only cute but also serves as this oasis to get shut-eye on the plane. It goes with every outfit too, from leggings to jeans to this skirt-and-vest combo! I got it at Marshalls (obviously) but I found similar ones at Nordstrom. My skirt is Cynthia Rowley and would look really cute with some black tights for a colder day.

One of my favorite things about the fall weather (more…)

Friday’s Five

img_0998— getting used to making myself an office anywhere I go–


— finding a Chicken of the Woods on my daily walk through the forest with Freddy —


— a weekend drive up North to enjoy peak foliage season–


— being selected to be in 2 different movies filming in Boston — actors sure do work long days! 14+ hours, I was drained!–


–and enjoying some poutine pizza (from CheeseBoard SO GOOD!) in Windsor,Vermont at Oktoberfest with Harpoon Brewery

Happy Friday everyone! I am just (more…)

Plaid off the shoulder

dsc_0437dsc_0428dsc_0422dsc_0423With the weather changing over here in New England, I have been transitioning my new walk-in closet to fit the outdoor temps. This plaid off the shoulder top is by Cloth & Stone and I have already worn it several times this season. This shirt works for the changing weather – when it gets up to the 70s mid day and then drops down to the 50’s. I’ve been taking a scarf with me and throwing it on when it gets a bit cooler. We went to Vermont over the weekend for the Harpoon Octoberfest and I wore this top with some ripped black jeans. Very cozy, fashionable and transitional.

My leather pants are (more…)