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Fall Hair – to go darker or lighter

download3-Le-Fashion-Blog-17-Inspiring-Long-Hairstyles-Subtle-Highlights-Via-Negin-MirsalehiCome fall, come colder months here in New England, come hair change? It seems to be a constant pattern for us ladies, we go lighter in the warm months and darker in the cold months –why? As if to add to the “seasonal depression” by being dark, pale and gloomy! I’m thinking I might add some caramel highlights to my locks. Nothing crazy (I have always been the natural type- not wanting to add anything too drastic to my hair, skin, nails, body),  Granted, I say that and there is a lot of truth to it – but don’t we all have that year in middle school where we don’t quite know where we fit in? We want to be blonde, as a result turn our hair orange (oops), want to be dark, as a result turn our skin orange (oops again) and end up looking like an Oompa Loompa instead of something we see in a J-14 magazine (does that still exist?) My grandmother would always comment on my hair! She loved how my sister and I had thick, long, brown hair that we would put up in a bun on top of our heads. She ALWAYS mentioned that and then always yelled at me when my hair was lighter or I made any change from what nature gave me! My sister STILL has that gorgeous thick long brown hair. Me, on the other hand did not keep that gift… my hair became fine, as the hairdressers call it. Blame it on product, blame it on constant hair teasing for fashion shows and photo shoots (my secret love) blame it on my mother’s genes, whatever it is – whatever it was, I have been determined to get it back to that bun on my head that my grandmother loved! The last year I have focused on getting it healthy —- To look, feel, BE healthy. If this meant, I needed to get more than a trim and have short hair, so be it, if I needed to get a deep conditioner to replenish dead hair follicles- let’s do it… I want minimal but I want results. My hair has felt thicker and healthier since going for regular trims and gloss (keratin) treatments. You gotta work with what you got, ladies! And men, don’t dye your hair – embrace the salt and pepper when it comes! (for thinning hair, I hear Tio Nacho Mexican Herb shampoo works wonders for men – Target and local drug stores should have it- not that any of you young men have thinning hair or are finding grays!)


Find yourself a honest hairdresser! Don’t get pressured into getting all these crazy treatments, research and ask around to see what works for you! Honestly – I still believe minimal is best! As long as you eat well, drink PLENTY of water, have a good intake of vitamins and veggies, your hair will restore itself – but if you need a little extra – head to a professional! Cheap little trick: Coconut oil once a month massaged in your scalp and hair does marvelous things.

Happy Fall! Let your hair down! – or put it in a nice big bun on top of your head 😉

I think I might do something different with my length too: Inspiration? A LOB?


Flannel Fridays

imagesWho doesn’t love Friday!? I don’t really know one person. What makes it even better is its usually a casual day for Fashion. I’m talking Flannel shirts, denim and boots. Fall Fashion at its finest…. and simplest.

I make it a point to where something flannel as we wrap up the work week and hopefully get excited for some type of Fall activity to start the weekend. I hope everyone out there, especially those who live in New England – get their butts outside and enjoy the crisp Fall air and beautiful Foliage.


Flannel/ plaid – whatever you want to call it- is a great part of Fall/Winter fashion and I dont think it will EVER go out of style.

How cute are these outfits with just a touch of flannel? 6a015433e2ad49970c019b01146997970c-800wi6a015433e2ad49970c019b0114ac02970b-800wi

Vests are GREAT too – add some extra warmth for those chilly mornings.


Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend – I”m heading to yet another wedding – 6th one of this year!! gah…We’re at that age that everyone around us is getting married – well all of Nico’s friends since he’s older… but I’m sure they’ll be another wave coming for my friends!

I’ll post my wedding outfit after the weekend 🙂



Fall Fashion Must Haves – K’s Closet

Marc by Marc Jacobs Multicolor Wild Flower Printed Top
Marc by Marc Jacobs Multicolor Wild Flower Printed Top

1) Something Leather!  I’m really going to try and make this trend work for me again this year I’m thinking a leather skirt this time- a colored leather skirt- the color is key this Fall! Last year, I got this fabulous pair of BCBG Leather leggings that looked amaze for a night out with heels, or for a casual lunch date with flats and a basic tee.

Rachel Bilson wearing Rebecca Taylor Python Print Henley Blouse in Plum, Joie Lusila Leather Skirt.
Rebecca Taylor Python Print Henley Blouse in Plum, Joie Lusila Leather Skirt.

2) White on White! I recently started wearing white pants and I love it! By the way, whoever says “no white after Labor Day” needs to understand Fashion and grow up! Real Fashionistas don’t follow that! Don’t believe me? Check out the NYFW & LFW for proof. Im totally going to embrace white -on white. maybe mix different shades of white? Love it.

 palmer/harding: sponsored by Daz? Nick Barron. Photo: @CFE_London
palmer/harding: sponsored by Daz? Nick Barron. Photo: @CFE_London

Puppy Play Date

unnamed (1)
Freddy Meet Charlie and Play nice!!

Freddy had a puppy play date on Saturday morning.  The date was with Charlie, a chocolate lab puppy that I actually -pup-sitted right before deciding to get my own!

My friend/coworker was watching Charlie for her boyfriend and we thought the pups could play while we  enjoyed a French pressed coffee and croissants on my deck– a relaxing Saturday morning.

Ya. Keep dreaming, Karina! The second Charlie walked in the door, he got way too excited (maybe he remembered being here once before) and ran to the door mat to relieve himself, Freddy was so confused why another animal  was in the house that he ran over to step into the mess and then chase Charlie through the house, tracking everything he stepped in.. I immediately opened the back door to let them in the backyard and carrying Freddy down the stairs (he hasn’t mastered going down yet), I managed to get his poo covered paws all over my new J-crew V neck…awesome!

Finally, I could welcome my friend over to my house. What an entrance!!After 4 hours of play time, Freddy was ready for a longggg nap and nap he did!(momma too!)

Is this what I have to look forward to when I have kids? Amen to all this practice!!

Big puppy follow the little puppy!

K’s Closet – Look inside my personal style

I love layers for many reasons – #1: the temp change from outdoors to indoors (&vice versa). How quickly you can go from 100 degrees outside to be freezing inside (think: grocery stores). I frequently wear blazers or cardigans over basic tee-shirts and dresses, as well as wearing scarves and tights. This really plays with proportion and not only helps with the temp change, but can make your outfit!


Vintage                                                                                                                                                        A lot of my pieces are vintage, or at least vintage-inspired 😉 I LOVE looking through thrift or vintage stores to find some unique items—Bonus: they’re usually really cheap and you wont be seeing anyone else with that exact piece!

From floral sundresses to embroidered skirts to stripe and polka dot printed tees, I love to wear a lot of different patterns especially when I mix and match. The key though is to either wear different patterns that share a color scheme or use similar patterns (like small polka dots and large polka dots.)

Colors Although the majority of my day-wear is in neutral colors like black, white, camel, navy, grey, brown, and olive, I do try to add pops of color. I don’t often wear outfits with more than one major color – my outfits are generally neutral with a splash of color here and there. Investing in high-quality neutral items is a great way to create a wardrobe that is versatile while still being visually interesting. Items like classic blazers, well-fitting jeans, solid-color dresses, leather jackets, and blouses can be remixed again and again into numerous different outfits. This is also a really easy way to get dressed: you just mix together some neutral basics and then add one colorful piece.Layers, Blazers, Basics

Girly Details
In addition to being retro-inspired, my style is also quite feminine. I often gear towards dresses or skirts and pieces with lace or floral detail. I adore shirts with a fun collars. Collars are my everything – probably has something to do with being in a Catholic school uniform for 13 years!

Shoes                                                                                                        I may or may not have too many shoes- depending how you look at it. Anyways, I believe I have high arches- legit wearing flat shoes HURTS the bottom of my feet. My mother never wore flats – not even sneakers for gym class back in school- so I know I get this shoe thing from her.  My Bf doesn’t get it – but then again he’s a boy so why would he! Don’t get me wrong, I got some Free Runs for the gym, original Toms and sandals for the summer – I’m trying to mix in more flats, but I prefer and do look for a small lift- small heel in everything! Ankle wedges and Ankle booties are my everything!

Accessories                                                                                                                                         Part of what makes a look so put-together and what helps clothing turn into outfits are accessories. Sunglasses, a statement watch, and large scarves – never underestimate the power of a good scarf! This is an easy way to dress up an otherwise basic outfit.

Take Risks
Despite usually sticking to my tried-and-true wardrobe pieces, I will occasionally take fashion risks (My friends always question me when I tell them what my outfit is going to be!) Like high-waist wide leg pants, menswear-inspired outfits, over-alls, wedge sneakers or just anything that you think wouldn’t go well together! Not being afraid to try out avant-garde looks is an important factor to my style.
I try to never look overdone – I love to appear effortless, as if I just rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing I saw (which is rarely ever the case haha…I usually try on a few pieces before I go with my outfit – but no one needs to know that 😉

Motto: Look good do good! Try not to leave the house until YOU (and only you) feel comfortable and happy in what you have on 

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Stores: J-crew, Banana Republic, Urban Outfitters, Brooks Brothers, Anthropology, American Apparel, Second-Time-Around, Buffalo Exchange…


Yoga in the park

photo credit: KPaulet

My BFF and I went to this yoga class after work today.Honestly, we didn’t know what we were doing. I mean the thought of being a yogi…yogini? sounds great and relaxing and I feel like those people just have a great outlook on life!! But it’s not the easiest thing, especially when you just keep resorting to “child’ pose” because you can’t stand your knees on your elbows!… not yet at least

I’ll be sure to keep with it and one day call myself a Yogiiii!!

Anyways,  It was by the water-90 something degrees with about 50 people! So great to be in such a positive environment  and OUTDOORS esp after sitting in the office all day… Oh! and if that wasn’t amaze enough- the classes are Freeeee 🙂

be sure to check out “Yoga with Shira” on Facebook!  She was such a great instructor – class sched should be up there too!