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One of the best vacation islands…

FullSizeRender (2)Nico and I like to get away at least once a year… to keep us–well sane — and to reward ourselves for hard work. To refresh, refocus and to feel renewed in the one week away.

 We started this the year we met by taking the ultimate new relationship risk and traveling together! We went to Europe to visit family and it was a beyond amazing experience;  not only to see a part of the world and our families, but for us to really understand each other and grow and learn about one another. We traveled from Luxembourg – to Germany – to France (day trip) to Prague – to Poland… most of the time just us two =) 

^I’ll be sharing a post about the EU trip!

 The year after that we took off to Jamaica and stayed at an all-inclusive resort.

However, this year, with a recommendation from one of my long time friends, we decided on Saint Thomas – one of the United States Virgin Islands.  We also decided to make this trip a combination of the first two trips. How?

 Well – for one – we took off to a warm island in the middle of winter here. And two, we rented a car and explored the island life ourselves.

 Between Nico and me, we’ve experienced a handful of islands – but nothing with such a homey (almost European) feel like St. Thomas (& St.Johns!)

 We stayed at a boutique-like hotel, called Mafolie, instead of opting in for a more “standard” hotel — like the Marriott.

The people, atmosphere, food, and weather were magnificent.

Our favorite restaurant, by far, was this small outdoor seating by the bay place in Frenchtown called Epernay. From the very first bite, we were in love and even though extremely full by the end – we made sure to not waste even the tiniest amount of our meals! —the food coma was soooo worth it.

We took the car ferry one morning from the Red Hook area to St. Johns – which is another USVI about a 30-40 min ferry ride over.  We were pretty happy we brought our car, so we could go at our leisure and be able to explore the entire island – which we did. and found this small. somewhat private beach in Cove Bay all the way on the East side of the island.

DSC_0854We also found a trail on the side of the beach which ended up having multiple trails: Salt Pond, Drunk Bay and then a longer trail leading up to Rams Head – which is where I took these awesome pictures!

drunk_bay_mainDSC_0836The colors and view speak for themselves. I have never done a hike in my bathing suit (+ my Nike Free run sneakers) and …well… I LOVED it…DSC_0830On our second to last day, we found a small island –off the island– where the locals say they go when they want to “get away” Its about a 10-15 mins boat ride over there, called Water Island. or you can borrow someones dinghy if you’re lucky enough!

When you get there, you can rent a golf cart to drive around the area or walk to the beach called Honeymoon beach (which is what we did)- about a 10 min walk.DSC_0917There are 2 outside beach bars there: Heidi’s and Dinghy’s. We sat at the Dinghy bar area on the chairs provided for “patrons” only. So we naturally bought some drinks from the outside bar and enjoyed the view.

DSC_0913We went over to the opposite end and tried out Heidi’s for lunch and some more drinks —– wow. The food was outstanding. I mean Nico had a cheese burger— but no joke; it was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had. I had a Cesar salad with grilled chicken. The chicken was so tender and flavorful and the dressing was home-made and just the right amount of creamy.

People who live on that little island would come and go with their dogs for a quick swim – made me miss Freddy – of course!


We WILL be going back again… we’re hoping as early as October with some family members (including Freddy).. it was that great!



Things to come…just in time for Holiday Shopping


I’m back from Mexico and have a million things to catch up on with work, emails, getting Freddy back!!(he’s still at his grandparents house), unpacking, picture uploading, etc etc…..but I just wanted to write a quick post because I’m super excited about some of my upcoming posts!  For one, the KISS InstaWave Hair curler (which I took with me to Mexico) helped me to do my hair in 10 minutes from getting out of the shower- amazing – Ill be posting a video to show you how easy it is!
Also, I have the 3D mascara coming to me soon so I can’t wait to show you how that works- hey, I cant wait to try it out for myself first! – because I’m pretty close to treating myself to lash extensions, but if this can achieve that in a fraction of the cost- I’m all for it.
I have some amazing candles from Old Factory Candles coming my way too!- perfect for holiday gifts! There is something magical, yet simple about coming home and having the rooms lit up with candles.
Oh, and I’ll be sharing the most amazing pictures from the wedding- I swear the background looks photo-shopped- its that breathtaking. Here is a sneak peak: 



Last weekend of Summah

What a fun weekend- the last weekend of my favorite season- Summer! I completed the 50-mile (actually was 53.2 miles) Rodman bike race on Saturday thanks to Nico for motivating me along the ride! There was only so many PB &Jelly sandwiches, bananas and LaraBars I could eat – so I “bunked out” with 5 miles to go. A bike riders term I learned that meant basically Im about to pass out!  Anyways, we crossed the Finish Line in pretty good time- amazing!

We sat with the Big Sister Team for the BBQ 🙂 and had a great time! Gorgeous day by the way- sunny, beginning of foliage, 70’s



Some of the Team! Overall, there was about 1200 participants for the Rodman Ride For Kids! Looking forward to 2015

On Sunday, I had to take Freddy to experience the beach before the Summer officially ended! It was Adorable. I went with my parents and brother – Poor Nico was locked away doing homework for his MBA. We missed him.

My dad thinks hes a photographer -God Bless him!- (Dad, we will take a photographer lesson together as soon as I get a nice camera – hint-hint)

But I’m so happy he captured these moments

after rolling around in the sand
after rolling around in the sand
image (4)
final look at the beach! so fun

image (2)image (3)

image (11)
so excited! looking at the other dogs

image (1)

An exciting Labor Day Weekend

Meet Freddy! Teddy Bear

Last week was defiantly FALL-like. For god’s sake, I got myself pumpkin beer and pumpkin spice iced coffees!! Labor Day weekend was back to SUMMER weather – between the 90 degree sunny days, cruising with the windows down, thunderstorms @night and my fav: vanilla soft serve ice-cream cones 🙂   —- nothing pumpkin spice about it… a pretty perfect way to start bringing the summer months to an end. For many of you out there, this final weekend of summer vacation, is filled with family, friends, back-to-school shopping, booze, and way too much food.  For me, (I had all the above) AND MORE!    … I got a PUPPY… a 9 week old baby Golden doodle pile of fluff named Freddy …. My heart couldn’t be happier – a little blessing and a BIG responsibility…. I will have a PET category that I hope to open up to others for advice, questions, experiences- like some type of a pet owner portal,  where we can  share any fun pet products, activities, dog parks…. oh and I will defiantly be sharing the baked treats I make…b/c it just wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t bake him something………oh what  I do for the boys in my life… right Nico? 😉 Xo, KPM

I don't want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!
I don’t want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!

P.S Follow Freddy on Instagram Freddy_doodle. He’ll be modeling soon, mark my words!

Roadtrip from MA to PA to get a puppy!

So, everyone who knows me knows I  want as many kids as physically (& financially) possible!! So, I know that wont be happening until marriage for me…(and that’s another topic I can go on and on about..–Next post 😉 …So whats the next BEST thing ever?…a puppy of course.

I’m allergic to cats (really bad), rabbits and prob anything else that has 4 paws and a heartbeat BUT weirdly enough, I haven’t had any bad reactions to dogs! and trust me, these last few months, I have made sure I could puppy-sit and be around as many dogs as possible!

However, as much as I love to “YOLO” (verb form?), I cant take the risk of getting something sooo adorbs and then having an allergy to him (I don’t like taking any medications unless 100% necessary- so allergy meds everyday-not an option for me)

With that said, after months and months of e-mails, phone calls, Instagram dog stalking, pet owner harassing, We found a potential breeder!!! AND we are leaving after work to drive to PA… only 6 hrs!? to meet and hopefully get 1 out of the 2 pups left!!!

okay… I know what people will say next…YOU ARE NOT RESCUING?! Listen, I totally support rescuing animals..#whoRescuedwho — I get it! I do. I want to. I have called about 6-8 different rescue shelters around to see if they have this type of hypoallergenic PUPPY that I have been dreaming of! (legit-I have dreams at night with the dog in them) and NONE. NONE are available. which makes sense… it is a designer breed…that have become really popular ESP in the Boston area.

I want to train the pup MY way, sorry- don’t want someone else’s baggage.. NOT YET. Not for my First Pup! I stand by my word… that I will volunteer and help at rescue clinics because they are important and I want to help but I also want what I want 🙂

My whole life I’ve been told what I can and can’t have or do… anyone else have a Eastern European mother? enough said.

So, I’m excited for this Road Trip with my handsome man tonight to hopefully add a new member to our little family and make it 3!