It’s Christmas week!! Thanks to Nico (& Amazon Prime), we’re just about done getting all our gifts for everyone this year! I tend to wait until the absolute last-minute (I’m talking Christmas Eve, here!) to do my shopping. I just like the last-minute pressure (kinda, not really) but for some reason, I love procrastinating. N, on the other hand, does not! So, we got our gift purchasing pretty much done! I don’t know what to do with my time now! Besides, bake and cook and figure out what to wear for all the parties we have lined up.

I can’t get enough of Christmas plaid, (as I mentioned in my scarf post) so when I saw this shirt at 40% off, I had to snag it quickly! I’m also obsessed with this ruffle one. I mean, what am I going to wear to the 3 days of parties, right? This fringe graving skirt is SO fun – my mom got it for me last month when I kept eyeing it at the store! (thanks mom!) It looks like it’s sold out, but I linked some similar ones, including longer and other color options at the bottom.

I never know what to wear for Christmas parties because I want to be super comfy but I know it’s such a special day that sweatpants will not work! Although, you can totally style sweats to look fancy 😉

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