img_5812img_5756After getting engaged, I took some time to think about the important ladies in my life and how I would ask them to stand by my side and be a part of this next chapter in my life. I knew I wanted to do a little more than just ask.. I wanted to give them something that I spent time on — that I put thought and effort into.

After a lot of procrastinating (I had 10 different ideas!), I finally settled on ‘popping the question’ with “Proposal Boxes”. With my wedding being set in Europe and all of my bridal party living in the states, I decided to decorate little wooden suitcases and fill them with some goodies from the country where the wedding will take place, ideas for wedding colors, bachelorette accessories and sentimental snapshots of our unique friendship through the years.

Luckily, my local craft store had small wooden suitcase boxes. I also found map cardstock paper and covered the wood with it. I got a cute stamp that says “Handmade with Love” that I stamped inside each box.

That month, I made more trips to the craft store than ever before. I had the employees running around the store with me looking at different options to assemble things. Now that I think about it,  I have never been in a craft store before making these boxes… I don’t consider myself crafty, so I’ve always stayed clear of them. The possibilities are endless though! I’ll have to give myself another DIY project 🙂img_0504img_5792img_5846Freddy even made some trips to the craft store with me! p.s AC Moore is dog friendly 🙂img_0544img_5937supplies:

  • small wooden suitcase
  • map cardstock paper
  • small razor knife (to trace w/ the paper around box) or scissors should work
  • mod podge & 2″ foam paint brush
  • stamp with saying of your choice for inside + ink
  • template for bridesmaid and MOH. Here are some free ones I found
  • small wooden luggage tag (Michael’s craft store)
  • twine or ribbon
  • hole punch
  • anything you want to put inside: small bottle of nail polish (I got a pack of OPI wedding theme ones from Marshalls), filler paper, color samples (I got these from Home Depot’s paint dept), pictures of the two of you and a holder for them (I printed the pictures from the CVS photo kiosk and got the gold glitter holder from the party store), candy from where your wedding will be (I got Polish gum and chocolate bottles filled with champagne!), bridal party tattoo, bridal party bracelets (I found these at the party store in the bachelorette party section)

It gets hard to fit things inside because they are quite small, but you get creative when packing it up – just like with a regular suitcase 😉

I’d love to see how they come out if you make them and what you put inside! Let me know in the comments.


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