Friday’s Five: 100 day Wedding Countdown To-Do List

I cannot even believe yesterday marked the 100 day milestone until I am walking down the same church aisle my parents walked down 36 years ago in a small little town where they grew up in Poland. We are in the double digits today!

I am such a last minute person, but there is something about a wedding that forces you not to be! I have a wedding planner that is making sure I am checking off my to-do list and getting things booked. If I was doing this myself, I would be waiting till the month of July to do some of these things. Because well I never planned a wedding before and how would I know that things get booked up years in advance?! I think the whole wedding business can be so crazyy, I hate planning so far ahead —

So, now that there are only 99 days left, I am buckling down on some of the things I haven’t done yet! — like organize my wedding Pinterest page to give that vision to the venue, or really narrow down my color palette — or decide on the exact flowers I want — or let the bakery know the flavors and vision for my cake …

Some things I have done ahead of the game are send out wedding invites, pick up the wedding bands, confirmed hair and makeup trial appointments, and I already had my first dress fitting! check, check, check, check!

Anyways, here are 5 things to make sure you check off your list in the last 3 months before the Big Day!

Finalize Menu and Bar options — Polish weddings have more than enough food – there will be 3 dinners served + 2 placed out in buffet style. I can’t even make this stuff up! I do not know why we will need so much food and there really is not an option to limit it – I tried and was told it wouldn’t be right? so we are just going to go with it!  We do want to have a few signature drinks so that is something N and I have to work on —

 — Decor details: flowers, cake, centerpieces – waiting until now as everything used will be dependent on what is in season —

Pick out readings for the ceremony: We got all our paperwork completed this week with our local Church and were given a Together for Life book so we can choose the reading we want. I need to work with the priests in Poland as we will be doing half in Polish, half in English without making the mass any longer! The Archdiocese will be sending all of our approved paperwork and records to the Diocese in Poland so here’s hoping all of that goes smoothly 🙂 —

 — Decide on and order Favors: I am still working on this one with our wedding planner 😉 —

Make a list of the people giving toasts and ask them! —

For a complete checklist, I have used this one from Real Simple Weddings and also this one from the KNOT.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! N and I are volunteering tomorrow for the Big Sister Association of Boston that I am involved in. I also just completed my volunteer orientation for two great dog non-profits, Last Hope K9 Rescue and Missing Dogs Massachusetts. I am very excited to be able to help in any way I can!

Thanks for following along! KXO

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