Welcome to the weekend, everyone! Today is N’s last day of work for 2 weeks – a much-needed and very much deserved vacation – he’s wrapping up his final paper of his 3 year MBA program and it’s just about that time of the year that we can count our blessings and enjoy having some time together to well do Christmas things! Even though I’m not a big fan of the winter (summer gal at heart!), Christmas time is my absolute favorite time. This year is extra special because its my last Christmas of being engaged, N is done his MBA so we can have our time back and well it’s the first Christmas that I can dedicate to doing what I love and be out of the corporate lifestyle.

I have SO much more to do today before a cookie baking galore at my parents house tonight (I’ll be posting on Snap and the recipes later tonight) – so let me quickly run down my Friday’s Five Favorites with you!

— putting the plants under cloches (or bell jars) to survive the winter indoors – there are cheese cloches too!–

 — getting some new lip color from NARS – shades of rose and mauve – I’m a total lipstick girl —

— Freddy wearing his winter jacket for an entire 5 minutes – he gets extremely awkward with it on —

— hanging up a real mistletoe in the hallway for extra kisses from N, I also love this handheld one (on sale for $6)–

–Working with the Big Sisters Association of Boston at the Polar Express event at Boston’s South Station —

Don’t forget that if you’re buying holiday gifts online, this Sunday is the last day to get standard shipping… so try to get your shopping done this weekend if you can! I have my holiday shopping guides linked at the top of my blog under Holiday Shopping.

Have a lovely weekend. XO,


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