Happy Friday! I have been the WORST at posting consistently and I am sorry! I have tried to make myself a schedule but I am not discipline enough to follow it. It’s something I am constantly working at – I get distracted with 1000 other things #adhdlevels but will continue to push myself to stick to it and be more consistent with my posts.

This week has been so nice weather-wise here in Boston! Although we got slammed with a lot of snow 2 weeks ago, it has all melted away today! As I write this post, I am sitting on my back porch and can see kids playing tennis and basketball at the park near my house… in shorts! 🙂 Can I welcome Spring just yet!!? Unfortunately, New England weather is tricky like this there is a part of me that believes we are not 100% in the clear when it comes to another snow storm.

N and I completed pre-cana courses over the weekend. Pre-cana are basically classes you take to be able to be married in the Catholic Church. They prepare you for obstacles you may face in your marriage and help you really understand the commitment and the sacrament of marriage. We both enjoyed it very much! The speakers were all so touching and inspiring. One step closer to getting married <3

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Speaking of Church, does anyone participate in LENT? It starts on Ash Wednesday and N and I have yet to decide what we want to do or give up for 40 days until Easter. Last year, we gave up all animal products (IE vegan) and the year before that it was alcohol…. What to do this year?

Here are my Friday’s Five.

— drinking plenty of water this week — adding almonds or walnuts and letting them soak all day gives for a yummy snack later in the day —

–Instead of putting the TV on every night, N and I decided to bring back some board games and puzzles and I have really been enjoying spending the time together working on a puzzle or playing a game–

— Almost finishing up our living room map wall! I have a few more pieces I want to add in between the maps —

— After watching another Netflix Documentary (Food Choices), I hit the grocery store buying only fruits and veggies – We had no meat all week and feel great, Watch it! —

-Spending a few hours at the beach today as it hit 70 degrees in February —

 Thanks for reading along!  XO, K


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