Here are some behind the scenes (BTS) pictures of the commercial I was cast in that was filmed this week! The production company is New Sky Productions and the client is Granite State Solar. The commercial will be broadcast on WMUR so keep a look out for me!

photo courtesy of New Sky Productions

— getting a morning sunrise shot during sunset, I can’t wait to see how this comes out! —

— enjoying the 80 degree day between takes —

— The set ups always amaze me, I wouldn’t know how to do this! —

— creating a morning look at 8PM at night!–

photo courtesy of New Sky Productions

— in between takes, getting the lighting just right– look at the BTS work being done outside the window to make the light come in to look like morning sunlight! —


Ever since I was 12, I was so intrigued by models and actors. So much so, that I begged my parents to let me try! Dad was super supportive, setting me up with one of his friend who teaches drama at her studio in Newburyport, MA and taking me to modeling agencies around the Boston area.

We didn’t know much and my parents were super skeptical of the industry, leaving me to never take any opportunity or what seemed like an opportunity because of fear that it was a scam or just too good to be true. I did some photo shoots every now and then and when I got a little older and could drive myself, I tried to book every runway show or photo shoot around! I did this off-&-on basically because I loved it. I didn’t care if I got paid or not. 

I took time away from that industry when I graduated College – but you know what? I MISSED IT. Recently, when I left my full-time corporate job, I started working on movie sets every chance I got. Having the flexibility in my schedule and knowing what I know now about the industry, I can really engage in it as much as I want. 

You learn so much every time on the movie set. I get amazed by the production crews and the “movie magic” they can create! I was fortunate enough to work on movies just this past year with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Stiller, Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall and Bella Heathcote – all of which are extremely hard-working, sweet and inspirational.

Although I do not know if a breakthrough career is in the books for me,  I will continue to pursue it whenever I can!


Happy Friday everyone!! Have a beautiful Easter Weekend 🙂

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