Happy Friday and if you’re a practicing Catholic, Happy First Friday of Lent aka no meat day! I’d like to start sharing my Friday meals during Lent —  if you follow along with this blog and on my Insta (@youbetyourpierogi), you’ll know that I am doing the Whole30 program which makes eating quite tricky – not to mention we have social dinner events Saturday and Sunday!! #fml

I have practiced being vegan before and because I had this Isa Does it cookbook, I was able to make really good meals all the time, but with Whole30 (it’s only Day 3!!), I am struggling a bit .. I never realized how much I eat grains until I had to eliminate them or sugar — I can’t even talk about it! I crave ice-cream and sweets after every single meal! #struggling Needless to say, this is much harder than a vegan diet — I can go without meat or dairy, but to not be able to have oatmeal with honey for breakfast or make a tofu scramble is NOT EASY!  I’m going to stick with it though – there are just so many positive reviews about this program and I really want to find out what foods may be causing issues for me. I talked about that here. Once, I hit 30 days, I will start to reintroduce things slowly like oatmeal <3 and rice <3 and pasta <3 and bread <3 and peanut butter <3 and alcohol and hope that my body handles them all well {insert fingers crossed emoji}

I have some other fun things to share like this new dog-walking app that I am loving (I actually signed up to be a walker to make some extra income for our wedding fund!), and some of the FREE home workouts I have been doing that make me more sore and feel stronger in a shorter amount of time than going to the gym daily—hmmm.

Here are my Friday’s Five things to share:

— missing my morning oats while on Whole30 — this recipe with chopped apples and dates comes pretty close, so GOOD–

— My dad is a professional photographer in the making – jk, but no really!!  He takes amazing pictures like this one in his spare time, even Boston.com decided to feature it! See more on his insta @KBNKN

— I would never advertise a service if I did not trust it, so for WAG, I actually went through the process to become a walker just to make sure they take it seriously! 4 online tests, 1 phone interview, 1 in person interview, a 2 hour orientation in the city AND a BG check.. they don’t mess around and I LOVE that. We only want trusted people around our fur babies – am I right? Use my code: KARINA1210 and you can get your first walk free (or a $20 credit to use). Oh, and did I mention you can GPS track where your dog goes for a walk! Obsessed dog owners gotta love this 😉 —

— N & I went over my parents the other day and my brother’s gf was telling us about the Yoga classes she’s taking at the College they go to — so naturally, we decided to try out those moves – hand stands and all. To my surprise, Nico got hooked and is even making it his Lent thing to be up extra early and do an at home yoga session before work! (thanks Jess!) We use the Amazon Prime Videos on our TV (N keeps doing this one and this one) and I even got into it – I found some amazing Barre workouts that are kicking my butt! — Do I cancel my gym membership now or what!? I’m loving these at home sweat sessions! —

— Tonight’s Meatless dinner is Creamy Spinach Sweet Potato Noodles with Cashew Sauce via Pinch of Yum. I made these on Wednesday (no meat Ash Wednesday) and N and I loved them. I am going to make them again tonight, but add in some more veggies – like carrots and mushrooms and some shrimp to make it a little more filling for us!You totally need a spiralizer – my sister got me this Paderno one and I LOVE it (it has the best reviews and it’s less than $25!  —

Have a great weekend! Let me know if you have tried WAG dog walking and/or the Whole30 program. Thanks for reading XO,K

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