Have you ever bought something that you absolutely adored even though you weren’t sure where you would wear it (a fancy ball gown or maybe crystal embellished high heels or a designer suit for the men that read my blog!) You convinced yourself that one day you’d be invited to the Grammys (or you’d make your guy take you to the opera!), just so you’d feel better about making the purchase? You know, when you want to dress up super fancy and go somewhere super fancy type of thing? 

Anyways, I used to buy clothes with the intention of wearing them to an event, but I would either forget that I had those heels sitting in the back of my closet and go out to buy new ones or I would not like the color of the dress anymore – or it didn’t fit right — the list goes on. Luckily, I’m a grown woman now that rather spend her money on dog toys and groceries. sigh.

One thing I have always done when it comes to fashion and still do is buy items that speak to me. I mean that I am drawn to – that I walk by and have to take a closer look at.  I have always been critiqued for my style – but I have always been asked to put outfits together for friends in College too, so I am glad I can express some of my Fashion in my blog to show others that you can make anything work as long as you feel confident in it.

This Free People, fringe – rust colored shirt was one of those items that I walked by in the store and came back to right away. I didn’t even know how to wear it, as you can see in my pictures — but that is the whole point I am trying to make. I probably had it on wrong when I first put it on, but I just loved it – the bohemian feel, the comfort. Eventually I realized it has one strap to keep it off one shoulder. Either way, it can be worn however you want. I plan to wear it over one of my t-shirt style turtlenecks as a cape when it gets a little colder.

My jeans are Joe’s brand, my purse is Michael Kors, and my shoes are Jenny Fairy – I got a great deal on them when I was in Poland a few months ago – more on that!


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