Happy First Day of Spring!

As a dog owner, I am ALWAYS outside. Living in a 3-story condominium, I can’t really get Freddy the exercise he needs without disturbing my neighbors, so we go outdoors.. a lot. Luckily, we live right next door to a park which is equipped with a tennis court, baseball & softball fields and a basketball court. Believe it or not, I played on a basketball team for 7 years. I may of not been the lead scorer (or even good if I’m being honest), but I loved it! When my dad was finishing up his degree, he would take my sister and I to his school so we could shoot some hoops with him at the basketball court 🙂

So with the weather getting warmer, I try and get my workouts in while outdoors. Whether its a run in the forest (or the beach) with Freddy, a game of tennis or shooting some basketball hoops, being outside and exercising is one of my favorite things!

I have been really into high rise leggings for working out lately and pairing them with a sports bra. I totally mix brands and I don’t care if that’s frown upon because I like them all! I have an Adidas duffel bag because they have the perfect small size that I can also fit my shower stuff. I have a few pairs of Nike sneakers and I like the Calvin Klein sports bras a lot — I have also got a few great ones from Target! I usually take N’s CamelBak water bottle on my way out. It’s insulated and so convenient 🙂

Do you mix brands? Someone once told me that I can’t do that! (I think it was my brother!?) HA! Is is bad that I do that? What are some of your favorite workouts to do outside?

 Have a great sunny spring day! Xo,K

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