Holy Pierogi!

Be careful before you eat some toast, a burrito, a pancake…and especially a pierogi!  There could be a Holy figure appearing on it… imagine 😉

the face of Jesus seen in the pierogi cooked at a fair in Ecorse, Mich. (St. Andre Bessette Church)
The face of Jesus seen in the pierogi cooked at a fair in Ecorse, Mich. (St. Andre Bassette Church)

I love this quote from St. Andre Bessette Church Festival Chairman Robert Hellar:

“I was in the taco booth making taco’s, and they came up to me and said ‘Jesus love polish food more than Mexican food’ and I asked why,” Heller said.

He said the proof was in the pierogi.

Hilarious-not sure what this really means though?  Can you eat the pierogi? I feel like I wouldn’t be able to! You defiantly can’t throw it away? b/c its “holy”?? I wonder what they did with it….


Last weekend of Summah

What a fun weekend- the last weekend of my favorite season- Summer! I completed the 50-mile (actually was 53.2 miles) Rodman bike race on Saturday thanks to Nico for motivating me along the ride! There was only so many PB &Jelly sandwiches, bananas and LaraBars I could eat – so I “bunked out” with 5 miles to go. A bike riders term I learned that meant basically Im about to pass out!  Anyways, we crossed the Finish Line in pretty good time- amazing!

We sat with the Big Sister Team for the BBQ 🙂 and had a great time! Gorgeous day by the way- sunny, beginning of foliage, 70’s



Some of the Team! Overall, there was about 1200 participants for the Rodman Ride For Kids! Looking forward to 2015

On Sunday, I had to take Freddy to experience the beach before the Summer officially ended! It was Adorable. I went with my parents and brother – Poor Nico was locked away doing homework for his MBA. We missed him.

My dad thinks hes a photographer -God Bless him!- (Dad, we will take a photographer lesson together as soon as I get a nice camera – hint-hint)

But I’m so happy he captured these moments

after rolling around in the sand
after rolling around in the sand
image (4)
final look at the beach! so fun

image (2)image (3)

image (11)
so excited! looking at the other dogs

image (1)

Pet Portal Tips: How to de-skunk your pup

De-skunkedFreddy is such a handful!! Week 1 was a BIG adjustment… Between coming home on my lunch break, setting up puppy pads around the house, hand feeding him so he eats his food (He’s getting better now ) The waking up at 11pm , 2 pm and 5Am for “shi-shi” (Polish for Potty) is quite alright with me – since I usually get up myself for the same reason.

Anywayssss, what topped off the week…

We went for a night walk after I came home from work, made dinner while trying to keep Fredster from humping my leg (sigh) and I was a bad, crazy mom. I thought I saw another dog digging near the trash cans left out by a neighbors house – you know, white bushy tail sticking out… you would think it was a dog too? right? just with no leash, hanging out alone? yaaaaaaaaa we got sprayed! cant say I have ever experienced this… but let me tell ya it was scary as fudge! I grabbed Freddy during the spray and got the “mist” of it on myself. My nostrils still are filled with the stench. I panicked, searched the house for tomato juice (none!) but after googling and getting advice from my friend – I loaded the bathtub with vinegar, dish liquid soap and water and in Freddy went. I scrubbed the poor little guy and then wrapped him in towels and took a million annoying photos of it. We called dad ( who was in his grad class) to get us puppy shampoo from CVS.

Poor Freddy had another bath-Oatmeal this time!- when Dad got home.5042813520

Tips to take away from this:

1) Just because you see a furry tail, does not mean it’s a potential animal friend!!

2) Vinegar and water is one of the best approaches to take when sprayed by a skunk. Hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, liquid soap and water is another great home remedy… tomatoe juice is not the best solution for some reason – doesn’t do the job (apparently)

3) The smell will get faint but will linger for 2-3 months whenever your pup gets wet.

Did I learn my lesson? You Bet your Pierogis I did!

bath time

An exciting Labor Day Weekend

Meet Freddy! Teddy Bear

Last week was defiantly FALL-like. For god’s sake, I got myself pumpkin beer and pumpkin spice iced coffees!! Labor Day weekend was back to SUMMER weather – between the 90 degree sunny days, cruising with the windows down, thunderstorms @night and my fav: vanilla soft serve ice-cream cones 🙂   —- nothing pumpkin spice about it… a pretty perfect way to start bringing the summer months to an end. For many of you out there, this final weekend of summer vacation, is filled with family, friends, back-to-school shopping, booze, and way too much food.  For me, (I had all the above) AND MORE!    … I got a PUPPY… a 9 week old baby Golden doodle pile of fluff named Freddy …. My heart couldn’t be happier – a little blessing and a BIG responsibility…. I will have a PET category that I hope to open up to others for advice, questions, experiences- like some type of a pet owner portal,  where we can  share any fun pet products, activities, dog parks…. oh and I will defiantly be sharing the baked treats I make…b/c it just wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t bake him something………oh what  I do for the boys in my life… right Nico? 😉 Xo, KPM

I don't want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!
I don’t want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!

P.S Follow Freddy on Instagram Freddy_doodle. He’ll be modeling soon, mark my words!


image (15)
My baby bear walking up the stairs on our walk!

You signed up for a 50-mile bike ride and you just got a new puppy – where you drive 30 mins on your 1 hour lunch break just to check on him-when you should be training for the race!!…. I’m talking about myself, of course!!

People ask me all the time….How do you find the time? You have so much going on…How (& why) are you involved in so many things? The answer to How is…. a mobile calender! Without my I-Phone calender and my pocket size planner… I’d be virtually screwed. The answer to Why is….  You Only Live Once and I want to make sure I do as many things as I physically,emotionally and mentally can in a day… Granted there are times, I want to do NOTHING but snuggle up on the couch with some mint tea (or a glass of white!) and a bowl of hot fudge coffee ice cream (with cream and nuts). However, I will get down on myself if I fall into a routine of doing nothing but going to work – doing the minimal amount then going home to eat something simple, wash up and go to bed….talk about BORE. I’m sorry if that is your life… but the good thing is: you can change that! You can get involved – whether it be joining a book club, going beyond your job description at work, taking a spin or yoga class, volunteering at a local soup kitchen ( highly recommended in the next few months with the cold weather), babysitting, puppy sitting, taking a cooking class, going for a run, taking a photography class.. LEARN!

So having a fulfilled life is possible and some people do not know what they are missing until they try something new and get involved! I encourage everyone to YOLO and YOYO (You’re Only Young Once). There are so many things to do in your 20’s, new things to do in your 30’s,40’s…even 80’s! Get out there! Enjoy all that is good in this world!

The good and bad of #YOLO – I only use it for the good benefits- you should too!

Back on track to what I was trying to talk about,(ADHD problems) I have been riding from work on my bike every day this week so far to “train” -more like cope- with riding the 50 miles this Saturday!! Got to keep telling myself its for a great cause and I can finish..eeek We’ll see!




Puppy Play Date

unnamed (1)
Freddy Meet Charlie and Play nice!!

Freddy had a puppy play date on Saturday morning.  The date was with Charlie, a chocolate lab puppy that I actually -pup-sitted right before deciding to get my own!

My friend/coworker was watching Charlie for her boyfriend and we thought the pups could play while we  enjoyed a French pressed coffee and croissants on my deck– a relaxing Saturday morning.

Ya. Keep dreaming, Karina! The second Charlie walked in the door, he got way too excited (maybe he remembered being here once before) and ran to the door mat to relieve himself, Freddy was so confused why another animal  was in the house that he ran over to step into the mess and then chase Charlie through the house, tracking everything he stepped in.. I immediately opened the back door to let them in the backyard and carrying Freddy down the stairs (he hasn’t mastered going down yet), I managed to get his poo covered paws all over my new J-crew V neck…awesome!

Finally, I could welcome my friend over to my house. What an entrance!!After 4 hours of play time, Freddy was ready for a longggg nap and nap he did!(momma too!)

Is this what I have to look forward to when I have kids? Amen to all this practice!!

Big puppy follow the little puppy!