A Valentine’s Day treat you can make any time of the year: Strawberry Dumplings

I shared one of my families favorite recipes for kluski, a potato based dumpling in my Thanksgiving Day post, and now I want to show you another Polish recipe using those kluski …..and strawberries.

It may seem a little strange if you are not from Eastern European decent,  but we like to mix fruit and berries into some of the standard recipes — like blueberry or cherry pierogi or apple rice for instance. Sour cream has always been a staple in the fridge growing up, so we also serve these Strawberry kluski with some sweetened sour cream. Trust me, you need to make these and experience the delicious flavor for yourself or better yet, make them for (more…)

Quilted Sleeve Coat with a touch of pink

I have been wanting a navy coat that I can wear with sweats to run some quick errands and also that I can dress up for a date night and this quilted sleeve coat works for both scenarios. When I saw it was on sale, I had to get it for myself! (Don’t worry, if you read my last post, I didn’t buy it this year — I actually bought it in December as a Christmas gift for myself!) But now it’s even more discounted at 50% off, I wish they had more colors 🙂
My friend and I took (more…)

I stopped shopping for a month and here is what I learned

12 for #12 Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

It’s Super Bowl weekend and I’m proud to say The New England Patriots are in it again 🙂 I remember when Tom Brady first emerged as the QB when Bledsoe was injured during the 2001 season and all the ladies were awwing at that butt chin! It was a crazy game because Bledsoe was replaced by Brady even when he was cleared to play (poor Drew!)  I remember my brother, who was 5 years old at the time (ah baby bro!) and I made “Brady dogs” and “Bledsoe burgers”. It was from that moment that I loved the idea of Super Bowl themed food for the big game — when the Patriots are playing, that is! 😉

So, this weekend, I’ll be whipping up some fun Patriots vs. Falcons themed recipes. I don’t know what exactly, but it has to feel football-like. I’m talking greasy, deep-fried, pub food without the grease or the deep fry!  #weddingdiethello

Here are 12 healthy ideas to get you planning:

1. Sweet Potato Skins: Skip the regular potatoes and add some extra health benefits with these Sweet Potato Skins via Pinch of Yum. Simply amazing.

Sweet Potato Skins | 17 Incredibly Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

2. Baked Parmesan Zucchini: Every time we go out to one of my favorite restaurants, I order the Zucchini sticks. Although zucchini is (more…)