Happy chewsday, dog lovers!

I FINALLY found some mini bone marrow bones for Freddy! I used to get him a big bone and he had trouble getting all the marrow out from the middle before I threw it out

I found these the other night and I froze half of them and placed the other half in the fridge so he can have one a few times this week when he is home alone to keep him busy!

Naturally, he ate all the marrow already in 2 of these and all that was left was a hollow bone – so I decided to reuse them since they are the perfect size for him and he can get everything out. Everyone seems to get a KONG once they get a puppy, but I personally don’t think its a great product – the dogs tongue cannot get all the stuff out of it. Furthermore, I can’t get half the stuff out of it when I try to wash and clean it out! I emailed the company a few months back and their only suggestion was for me to get Freddy a bigger Kong – mmhmm

I did get him a bigger Kong and had the same problem, mostly with peanut butter– which is probably the #1 thing people put inside the Kong – gets stuck in the groove inside and you need to use your fingers to scoop it out .

Although I don’t like it at all, I used it for this recipe because I had left over and needed to fill something – You’ll see it in my picture below, so had to mention it before I got called out!

Freddy got a Ruff Dawg Peanut in his last Pupbox and he loves that. I hide treats (mostly his kibble) inside and it makes a fun rattle noise.He gets insanely excited when he picks it up, drops it and a few treats pop out of it! So cute.


Back to the bone marrow bones – I decided to make a very simple recipe to stuff inside the bone and freeze for a healthy morning snack.


If you don’t want to stuff this in anything and would prefer to make small treats, you can add more peanut butter and oats to give it more substance, then just roll the ingredients into small (1TBS) size balls.

FullSizeRender (4)

 IngredientsEqual amounts of each unless making shapes — then add more pb and oats.

  • Peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt (plain or I used strawberry)
  • Baby food ( I used the peach, oatmeal and banana) ** most only have a few ingredients in them but if you get the chicken dinner or something more robust – make sure there is no onion or garlic powder!**
  • Oats

Directions: Place all ingredients in a small bowl and mix together with a fork. Scoop spoonful amounts into the bone marrow bones or shape into small balls and store in the fridge (or freezer if you want the pup to take longer to eat it)

Make this for your pup today!

Make sure to freeze them the night before for quick treats when you need to run out of the house in the AM and want your dog to be occupied =)




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