As I mentioned in my hostess gift ideas post, I am definitely a last-minute person when it comes to…well just about everything. I promised Nico that I would plan the day before if we have an event to attend and get everything ready to go –wrap the gift, prep the dish, make arrangements for the dog if he can’t go and most importantly know what I am wearing! I feel like I get better each time, but I will admit I still struggle when it comes to an outfit and end up changing 5 times before putting on the original outfit and then we are always leaving 10-15 minutes late.

Anyways, I am planning my Thanksgiving outfit and packing it because we are sleeping at my parents house tomorrow night after Thanksgiving Eve festivities so I will need to be prepared. 

This dress is the softest, most forgiving dress I own! It’s from Velvet by Graham & Spencer and the pockets and longer length are my favorite things about it. You can roll the sleeves up and cuff them. It is very loose, so a belt or jean jacket would look really cute paired with it. It is currently sold out at ShopBop, but I found a similar one here.

My belt is actually my mom’s from when she was a teen living in Poland. I snagged it from her when I went away to college and refuse to give it back.  My bag has gold embellished elephants and I found it a local consignment store. My shoes I have worn here and here.

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