Pressed English Flowers by VB for Target

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Sorry I have been pretty busy these last few days! I worked promos for the Boston Marathon and Red Sox game and also got a job as the head assistant at a dental office — going back to my glory days, I guess! I mentioned this before, but something about dentistry keeps pulling me back in. I defiently need to be helping out more with our savings account especially since our wedding is coming up SO soon. Making some extra money working at the dental office M-Th while keeping my Fridays for blogging and building my network will have to suffice for now.

I am going to miss being home with my fur baby daily and he is not going to like going to daycare for full days vs half days but everyone needs to sacrifice a little. It’s not all that bad — it’s just an adjustment! I CANNOT imagine how new moms go back to work after their maternity leave ends — seems IMPOSSIBLE!

Anyways, I will continue this blog and post weekly — so don’t go anywhere 🙂

Has anyone checked out the Victoria Beckham line for Target? I love the floral and the ruffles, obviously but I was a little surprised how big the sizes run, considering VB is such a tiny lady! I got everything in XS and still found the clothes baggy and the skirts, I needed to pin in the back. This shirt is SO cute and I plan on wearing it with some high waist jeans as well!  I linked the pieces at the bottom of this post — It’s best to order them online as most of the stores are sold out in certain items/sizes.

I wish I had a baby girl – I would totally match her in some of the toddler pieces 🙂 too cute.

Shop the Line:


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