If you follow along with my blog, you will know that I am a proud Dog Mama! I got Freddy in Sept of 2014 and he has changed my world…. for the better 🙂 In fact, I mention the top 10 things he has taught me in my post here. I have learned a lot and continue to learn each day — not just about how to take care of him properly, but how to be more patient, how to smile more and how to let go of grudges. That tail wagging to greet you every single time you come home, those morning kisses, the energy which requires me to go on a lot more walks than I ever would — all love.

So when we do engage in physical activities like hiking Mt Washington last summer or spending a week in Cape Cod or all those city walks after a snow storm, I picked up on his signs of discomfort. Like any good dog owner, you google things like “What to know before taking my dog on a long hike” or “how sensitive are my dogs paws to the snow salt” and you learn that there are some products you can use to help with the discomfort or better yet prevent the pain they might develop when exposed to harsh elements.

Here are products that I use year round for Freddy to help with paw sensitivity: (click for the direct link)

Freddy used to not have such an issue with the salt on the roads after a snow storm, but after this last snow storm hit, he started lifting his paws one at a time and I noticed that his back paws were extremely red in between the pads. I used a wash cloth with warm water after the walk and put some Neosporin in between his paw pads. I wish everyone would just use some environmentally friendly ice melter but that is not always the case so be careful. He’s not going out without any protection ever again (or I have to carry him over the heavily salted sidewalks) #eyeroll because he sits and won’t walk! He’s too smart – like uh hello lady, that stuff burns, I am not walking! 

Or better yet, be like Tom Brady and let your dog ride in a stroller (like this one!) when his paws are burning.

Image result for tom brady's dog in stroller

I’m curious – have you tried any other products that work great? let me know! Have a great weekend and thanks for following along. XO, K


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