How did I become one of those people I used to roll my eyes at!? The ones who buy their dogs clothes, shoes, socks, ice cream… things for humans! (maybe its because I got a puppy and it’s pretty hard to resist when you go into a store and the dog section is out of control- yes getting Freddy has opened up a whole new world to me -dog world)

But just like with everything in this world, there are extremes, there are levels of insanity- okay that’s harsh! I mean there are levels/degrees of practicality vs obsession?  Not sure if I am using the right words here – but I’m sure you get what I’m saying, but in case you have no idea what I’m talking about….

Let me present you with:

 Exhibit A:  dog houses, I mean mansions, no I’m talking palaces!

2aExpensive Dog House (3)
20140307_Designer-dog-houses-for-spoiled-pets_019 bev-hills-chihuahua-scene1I mean the dogs seems to really enjoy this… not sure how that’s even possible.


I guess if you cant have kids and for some reason cant adopt? this is the alternative…yes? no?

Exhibit B: spa days,( wait- cucumbers on their eyes!?) What happened to simple belly rubs?
Spas-hogs-dogs-psychics-Spoiled-Rotten-Pets_4-19-2013_97517_limages (5) Exhibit C: walk in closets!Millie-LaRue This is more organized than my closet! images (4)

You be the judge tho…

565fe88d833b359a5d58ec1a310c15dfIf you can get your dog as trained as Martha so that they can dine with the elite- all the power to you!images (2)images (1)


Lesser degree of spoiled-ness:

APTOPIX Romania WeatherOk.. this is too adorable^^ and you know what it can make sense/be a very practical solution for a number of reasons: 1) cuteness factor of 100. 2) maybe the dog is older, has a broken leg, afraid of the snow… 3) the owners are older and can’t handle carrying a dog…originalThis is organized and concealed and I get it! I like it!



I mean, especially for Freddy and all his hair – It’s a pain to have to wipe his paws EVERY time he goes outside in the rain or soon to be snow.  He runs around and gets everything wet and muddy in the house, so I’d rather just take off his shoes and not deal with it


For hiking and especially for puppies in the winter time with the ice-melter (salt) poured all over the city streets. It can burn their paws, so actually the Vet recommended getting some type of shoe for them to wear.


Adorable- I just cant! ^


Great alternative to having a bulky crate in the house-  its concealed, its the dogs “den”, It’s not obnoxious.doghousesofa_seungjimun_3-750x529 DOG-BED-UNDER-STAIRCASELoving these dog dens!tumblr_m7k0kdlqiL1qbi1f7o1_500

At the end of the day, whatever makes you and your pooch happy is ALL that matters. Let the haters hate. Enjoy your life however you want and don’t let anyone judge or tell you you cant live your life the way you want even if it involves building a mansion with a bone shaped Jacuzzi and a walk in closet for your dog? Hey, If that makes you light up every day- so be it!

Just DO remember the pups in shelters – be sure to spread the love to them!! here  are some  links to shelters and rescue leagues where you can donate – whether its your time, money, food, or some of those clothes! I’m sure it would all be appreciated. (They have a wish list on their site)

* *Great idea for all you out there getting married, or having a baby aka setting up a registry. ADD a section that people can donate to shelters on your behalf! (ask the shelter of choice to create a registry page for you) – you don’t really NEED those china plates- but one of these animals does need love.**


Have a Pawesome weekend! Go Patriots!

 IMG_0020In my defense- those toys were given to Freddy as gifts. And his dad is a big football fan, sooooo that’s my level of extreme-like I said everyone has a level from -0 to +10 and hey! at least he doesn’t have a walk in closet!….. (yet)

On behalf of Freddy, the money spent for his puppy school goes directly to local shelters in Boston. I also have 2 dog walking apps (Walk for a Dog and Wooftrax), which donate money to the shelter of my choice for every walk we go on ( which of course is at least 2x daily) AND during the holidays, we will be donating some of Freddy’s favorite treats and some favorite toys to a few local shelters. 

 Please e-mail me for photo credits.

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  1. OMG! the dogs that have their own closet…too much!! some people really do go overboard with their pooches!

    Looking cute in the patriot gear Freddster!

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