I am loving this weather lately. It’s the second week of November and although it could snow any day now, the bright sun shining and the 60 degree days are pretty amazing. I’m not a fan of the cold at all and anyone that knows me knows I would rather be smoldering hot than be cold. All the layers in the world just don’t work– basically my fingers and toes get so unbearably cold that I can’t handle it! I have bad circulation so I have yet to find something that works well for those long amounts of time outside (dog parks, skiing, hiking, football games). I need hand warmers for each individual finger and toe warmers for each individual toe. I should get myself those gloves that have that ability – has anyone tried them?

Until then, I’m enjoying this weather and having fun dressing for it! My turtleneck sweater is Cynthia Rowley and I already wore it over my favorite Joe Jeans and another time over black tights. My boots I have had forever–they are Michael Kors and super comfortable to walk in. My sunglasses are from J-crew and my watch is a Michelle. Nico just ordered different bands for our Fitbits so I can blend the colors better with my outfits even though I love black and brown together – I think a neutral one would look better.

Oh, and go out and vote today!! I am going around lunch time – I’m pretty excited to have this election be over – it’s been quite the debate and I hate putting on my favorite show lately (the news!) It’s been ridiculously catty and unbearable to watch with all the back and forth drama between Trump & Clinton….. Here’s hoping for a good election today and a better future 🙂


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