There are so many boxes out there lately – it’s the new thing (or I’m just jumping on the bandwagon now). I’m talking a monthly subscription box filled with makeup,  filled with bras, a box from a stylist (I got Nico trunk club), a box for your cat, a box for your fishing loving brother (Mystery Tackle Box), a box for shaving (Dollar Shave club), food boxes (Plated), natural product boxes, Vegan snack boxes… the list goes on!

So I haven’t got a box for myself (yet), but I’m loving getting them for other people, especially those on my Christmas list— Because seriously it is already in a box – you just need a bow to go on it!


Freddy is a model puppy or a “Celebripup” for PUPBOX. You can use his special code and get 15% off (Freddy15). So, this is his first month with the box and so far, we’re loving it. In his Holiday Box, he got 2 toys, puppy vitamins (chicken liver flavor), differnt types of healthy training treats, and the best part is it is targeted to his age group – so Freddy being 5 months old, I got tons of training tips geared to his age — practicing Come When Called, for example!

It’s so cute when he gets it and I let him open it himself –totally need to take a video next month =)

IMG_1148(1) IMG_1185

What box will you try this month? Or what have you tried already? Let me know – I am sure there are a thousand more out there that I haven’t even heard of yet.