So, everyone who knows me knows I  want as many kids as physically (& financially) possible!! So, I know that wont be happening until marriage for me…(and that’s another topic I can go on and on about..–Next post 😉 …So whats the next BEST thing ever?…a puppy of course.

I’m allergic to cats (really bad), rabbits and prob anything else that has 4 paws and a heartbeat BUT weirdly enough, I haven’t had any bad reactions to dogs! and trust me, these last few months, I have made sure I could puppy-sit and be around as many dogs as possible!

However, as much as I love to “YOLO” (verb form?), I cant take the risk of getting something sooo adorbs and then having an allergy to him (I don’t like taking any medications unless 100% necessary- so allergy meds everyday-not an option for me)

With that said, after months and months of e-mails, phone calls, Instagram dog stalking, pet owner harassing, We found a potential breeder!!! AND we are leaving after work to drive to PA… only 6 hrs!? to meet and hopefully get 1 out of the 2 pups left!!!

okay… I know what people will say next…YOU ARE NOT RESCUING?! Listen, I totally support rescuing animals..#whoRescuedwho — I get it! I do. I want to. I have called about 6-8 different rescue shelters around to see if they have this type of hypoallergenic PUPPY that I have been dreaming of! (legit-I have dreams at night with the dog in them) and NONE. NONE are available. which makes sense… it is a designer breed…that have become really popular ESP in the Boston area.

I want to train the pup MY way, sorry- don’t want someone else’s baggage.. NOT YET. Not for my First Pup! I stand by my word… that I will volunteer and help at rescue clinics because they are important and I want to help but I also want what I want 🙂

My whole life I’ve been told what I can and can’t have or do… anyone else have a Eastern European mother? enough said.

So, I’m excited for this Road Trip with my handsome man tonight to hopefully add a new member to our little family and make it 3!