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Freddy Meet Charlie and Play nice!!

Freddy had a puppy play date on Saturday morning.  The date was with Charlie, a chocolate lab puppy that I actually -pup-sitted right before deciding to get my own!

My friend/coworker was watching Charlie for her boyfriend and we thought the pups could play while we  enjoyed a French pressed coffee and croissants on my deck– a relaxing Saturday morning.

Ya. Keep dreaming, Karina! The second Charlie walked in the door, he got way too excited (maybe he remembered being here once before) and ran to the door mat to relieve himself, Freddy was so confused why another animal  was in the house that he ran over to step into the mess and then chase Charlie through the house, tracking everything he stepped in.. I immediately opened the back door to let them in the backyard and carrying Freddy down the stairs (he hasn’t mastered going down yet), I managed to get his poo covered paws all over my new J-crew V neck…awesome!

Finally, I could welcome my friend over to my house. What an entrance!!After 4 hours of play time, Freddy was ready for a longggg nap and nap he did!(momma too!)

Is this what I have to look forward to when I have kids? Amen to all this practice!!

Big puppy follow the little puppy!