Our home has officially been put on the market.(Here is the link!) I am having mixed emotions about it. I really enjoyed living so close to Boston and in such a busy city atmosphere, but it just isn’t home anymore. It feels empty without our Freddy and the memories are too strong for us to stay. N and I both agree that we want something safer (away from a busy road & city traffic) and we want a lot of land. We are taking the passing as a sign for us to move on with our lives and start the new chapter. So, I am excited for what’s to come, I mean I HAVE to be, I WANT to be. I have to continue living and not be weak. I have an obligation to someone, to my husband and I need to be strong for him and for our future…

Side note: For some people out there (& trust me, I was 100% like that), losing a pet really seems like something you can get over rather quickly. I honestly did not understand when people were upset about their cat or dog passing away…I mean I knew they were hurt or whatever but it wasn’t a human, so why were they grieving? 

Well, when you incorporate that pet into your every-day life and really make them part of the family, it brings about a very heavy heart when something happens to them, especially if it was tragic and unexpected. We only had 3 years with our little dood,  it couldn’t possibly be this hard if he lived to an old age, I would have found comfort in knowing he lived a full and long life and it was just his time, but at 3, I just can’t wrap my head around it yet.  Freddy’s life ended tragically and too soon, but he did live a very fulfilled life because N and I made sure of it every single day. We spoiled the shit out of him and I am SO proud of us for doing so. He was my certified ESA, my little man, my back seat driver, my co-pilot, my blanket on cold nights, my support when N was traveling or working late hours, my support when I had a bad day, my tear wiper, my walking buddy, my shopping partner, my dinner date, my workout buddy, my beach bum, my travel partner, my snuggle partner, my food tester, my follower, my shadow, my best friend, my son, my baby, my life. 

I would love to share (& plan on it in time) of how I am coping with losing Fred because I think it would help someone else out there. I mean, talk about getting married and being on a high for 5 minutes and then boom, be hit with a huge fuckin tragedy. I still have flashbacks of the scene — one of which is too violent to describe at this time.

Anyways, back to my topic! I promised today on my Instagram post, that I would share some photos of our property. We put in an offer for a house in the burbs and it was accepted BUT with a contingency that we sell our current home in TWO weeks! #nopressure

Feel free to share this post if you know of anyone looking to buy close to Boston, but still far enough from all the congestion that city life can bring (located in Medford, MA). Our favorite thing to do literally every day was drive 3 minutes up the road to the Middlesex Fells Reservation, which is 2,575 acres of walking, hiking and mtn biking trails! I found myself constantly thinking how cool is it that we can be in Boston in 6-8 minutes, yet we can feel like we’re way up in NH somewhere. It really is an awesome location and I will miss it!

Again, Thank you SO much to everyone who has reached out to me and to Nico. It means the world to us, whether we know you or not. We appreciate it!