image1 (3)After breakfast, I took my Little Sister to the Boston Book Festival at Copley Plaza on Saturday. This is an annual event where readers and writers of all ages can get together to inspire and be inspired by the power of words. This was also a Big For a Day Event, where the Big Sisters Association¬†of Boston organized all the “littles and “bigs” to get together to enjoy the day! I am proud to say I am a volunteer for this wonderful organization and a Big Sister. We did a creative writing workshop where we both got to show our creative side and learned how to use an old fashioned type writer.. those things were hard to type on.. you really need to press down hard – not like the touch sensitive technology we have today…times have changed, for sure!

I had a great day with my little learning about each other and learning about books, aspirations, and dreams. We got some lunch together at the event and I also treated her to… fried oreos! Every kid needs to try these!

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