Rustic Decor is all the rage- well at least for me it is! I can’t get enough of hydrangeas, mason jars, washed out wood and plaid!

I have mason jars with hydrangeas spread out through my house- 1 on the dining room table, 1 on the living room table, 1 on the nighstand, 1 on the bar island in the kitchen and 1 in the bathroom. It adds such a cozy, girly, yet manly (if flowers can be manly?- lets just say yes for Nicos sake!) touch to the rooms.


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How simple is that? I love the pop of orange and the light brown accents.


I love this idea for¬†pumpkins. I mean I wonder if these would of been safer to have around the puppy? I came home from work and the white pumpkins I got had missing stems and half of the side was missing off one of them….

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We have a rustic headboard in the Master bedroom – We didn’t got as far as a DIY project like in the photo -(Bernie & Phyls had a great one on sale), but it defiantly is something I would do for a beach/lake house one day!

Loving the chandelier idea for the bedroom. I’m going to need to do some vintage hunting this weekend!


This table from Pier 1 is great. Wait for my next post- I’m doing my own little DIY project with Chalk Paint for our dining room table makeover!


Kind of loving all these picture frames. A look we are trying to achieve for our hallway at home. I’d like to fill it with tons of photos and memories and experiences.


French Country Elegance with a Rustic twist – just need Freddy in the photo and it’s perfect. Make a pizza in that brick stone? LOVE

raw-rustic-table-houzz-5And to tie in my mothers style with my own. I think a great compromise Рnot that I need to do that anymore! (Nico lets me decorate how ever my heart desires!)  would be Modern-Vintage/Chic:


Clean-modern-rustic… pretty all over.



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