How important is date night? When you’re not home 7AM-6PM (M-F), your boyfriend is back in school getting his MBA, so not home till 10PM some nights, you just got a new puppy, you’re balancing living away from home for the first year (AKA:dinner planning, weekly lunch planning, where is all this laundry coming from!?, dishes galore, didn’t I just go grocery shopping?,maintaining the garden, forget about putting my clothes away, studying for Dental Admission Test( uhh?),training for the bike race, GYM? (why do I still pay for a membership?),blogging, keeping up with friends & some sort of social life, schedules, too many weddings, baby showers! (so happy for my BFF!), the list goes on and on. I may or may not over-commit story of my life -really!

So yes, the time for your significant other can be slim- even if its just cuddling in bed.. the puppy cries and we keep him in bed so cuddling and that minimal alone time we had together can be a challenge now!

Date night is VERY important. 

I’m excited to go out with my handsome guy tonight. I made a reservation via Open Table to an Italian restaurant in the North End… Think wine (bottle, please!), warm bread, Chix Marsala, fresh cannoli, …. Is the work day over yet?

I need to plan my outfit! Its chilly out so I’ll mix in some Fall-inspired items along with a pop of summer… Not ready to let it go fully!


Happy Friday!

Oh, I found some fun, creative  date ideas (cheap too) on! Once the pup gets older, I’ll have to plan a VT trip – my absolute favorite esp during Foliage season! – so soon!