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My baby bear walking up the stairs on our walk!

You signed up for a 50-mile bike ride and you just got a new puppy – where you drive 30 mins on your 1 hour lunch break just to check on him-when you should be training for the race!!…. I’m talking about myself, of course!!

People ask me all the time….How do you find the time? You have so much going on…How (& why) are you involved in so many things? The answer to How is…. a mobile calender! Without my I-Phone calender and my pocket size planner… I’d be virtually screwed. The answer to Why is….  You Only Live Once and I want to make sure I do as many things as I physically,emotionally and mentally can in a day… Granted there are times, I want to do NOTHING but snuggle up on the couch with some mint tea (or a glass of white!) and a bowl of hot fudge coffee ice cream (with cream and nuts). However, I will get down on myself if I fall into a routine of doing nothing but going to work – doing the minimal amount then going home to eat something simple, wash up and go to bed….talk about BORE. I’m sorry if that is your life… but the good thing is: you can change that! You can get involved – whether it be joining a book club, going beyond your job description at work, taking a spin or yoga class, volunteering at a local soup kitchen ( highly recommended in the next few months with the cold weather), babysitting, puppy sitting, taking a cooking class, going for a run, taking a photography class.. LEARN!

So having a fulfilled life is possible and some people do not know what they are missing until they try something new and get involved! I encourage everyone to YOLO and YOYO (You’re Only Young Once). There are so many things to do in your 20’s, new things to do in your 30’s,40’s…even 80’s! Get out there! Enjoy all that is good in this world!

The good and bad of #YOLO – I only use it for the good benefits- you should too!

Back on track to what I was trying to talk about,(ADHD problems) I have been riding from work on my bike every day this week so far to “train” -more like cope- with riding the 50 miles this Saturday!! Got to keep telling myself its for a great cause and I can finish..eeek We’ll see!