I had this week off as I transition into my new job next Monday and I think I may of got a good dose of what it means to be a housewife! 

Being at home is work – a lot of work! You know, it could have something to do with the fact that I can’t help myself but over commit to everything or maybe you just do not realize how much your personal life is put on hold when you have a 8-5 work life or…. how can you just take a nap when the laundry has been piling up for weeks and well it’s right there and you’re right there!

Sleeping in on your week off is not really an option either….when you have a 5 month old puppy… I mean who doesn’t love getting woken up to a fluffy pup literally stretched out on the top of your head kissing your face so you wake up? (who let him on the bed?– maybe I did when I was asleep??)  I met my friend, Steph to pick up her wedding dress (yay!) the other day and she gave me this off leash dog book… Here are some pages from it…so appropriate for this post!


So I’m up way earlier than I want to be – but its good. My fiance also got a new job which requires him to travel more – sigh— so he is leaving the same week I start my new job. {picture small bombs exploding in my head}  I need a day care for Fred now.. because who knows if I can come home on lunch anymore —defiantly not on my first week – I know I can figure that small detail out – the real reason is, I cringe every time he has to travel far and for more than 2 days. I know I should be excited for him that he gets to experience different places and better his career – and I am happy – deep deep down I am – but on the surface I guess I am a little selfish— is that what its called when you want him here and not there? Well, I’m working on it …. I am <3 as long as I get some souvenirs, it evens out? HA



BUT!! I got the world done*[some] accomplishments: Freddy is eating his (dog) food again- on a schedule!, after seeing 5 different places – I found Fred a day care for next week, re-org the guest room (huge step), vacuumed and polished the whole house, repainted dining room table, nightly dinner made, Christmas returns done, laundry washed/folded/put away (3 loads), gave Fred a bath, Groomer appt sched, drug test (for new job), photography class HW done, 4 products under review for blog, created a video post for a new recipe!!(posting soon), caught up with 3 diff groups of friends (finally), found new gym, new bank account, bridal shower gift picked and wrapped, Fred started 1st grade, fixed modeling agency(for me), work on Fred’s 3rd modeling gig (hello J-crew, call me back =), security cam installed (well, yes if some stranger is picking up my precious pup)……..

That’s my little spiel – I’m not even going to go into FULL details because this post would take up half this site- but at 26, I am prepared for children and housewife duties one day{no joke}… Be it my first year owning a home with my fiance(still cant believe I’m engaged!) and owning a dog… some good preparation right there [get yourself those 3 things before you get married and have kids.. amazing practice!!] —a future husband, a furry child and a maintained home! oh and of course, a career!! duh

…and reservation is made for dinner — I am so not cooking tonight!

Happy Friday!!! This week flew by!