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Christmas Plaid Scarf

I have been trying to find a “Christmas plaid” scarf ever since my friend wore this one and I snagged it for some of these photos! I think it’s the perfect print to wear around this time of the year. I actually just found some Christmasy-plaid shirts that I got my brother and Nico on cyber Monday, but I think I will give them earlier so they can already wear them! I linked a few scarves at the end of this post that are similar and one on Amazon that comes in 13 colors! I know I have a bunch of scarves but these blanket ones are so necessary for this time of the year, especially with the chilly weather we’re hit with now in Boston. It’s officially winter! I think I’m just going to have to get myself some of these prints to cope — Nico, look away! 


Flannel Fridays

imagesWho doesn’t love Friday!? I don’t really know one person. What makes it even better is its usually a casual day for Fashion. I’m talking Flannel shirts, denim and boots. Fall Fashion at its finest…. and simplest.

I make it a point to where something flannel as we wrap up the work week and hopefully get excited for some type of Fall activity to start the weekend. I hope everyone out there, especially those who live in New England – get their butts outside and enjoy the crisp Fall air and beautiful Foliage.


Flannel/ plaid – whatever you want to call it- is a great part of Fall/Winter fashion and I dont think it will EVER go out of style.

How cute are these outfits with just a touch of flannel? 6a015433e2ad49970c019b01146997970c-800wi6a015433e2ad49970c019b0114ac02970b-800wi

Vests are GREAT too – add some extra warmth for those chilly mornings.


Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend – I”m heading to yet another wedding – 6th one of this year!! gah…We’re at that age that everyone around us is getting married – well all of Nico’s friends since he’s older… but I’m sure they’ll be another wave coming for my friends!

I’ll post my wedding outfit after the weekend 🙂