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Fridays Five: My Bridal Shower

My lovely sister and mother threw me a gorgeous Bridal Shower on Sunday! I feel bad when people do things simply for me, so I tried to get involved with the planning and details but was forced to stay out of it. I’m so busy with work and wedding planning, so I didn’t pry too much 😉

I was taken back by how beautiful everything was! I knew it would be — I just wanted to help but I am glad I didn’t because it made it that much more special to me and a moment I will cherish forever. 

–The LOVE balloons were one of my favorite decor pieces!–


Friday’s Five: BTS commercial shoot


Here are some behind the scenes (BTS) pictures of the commercial I was cast in that was filmed this week! The production company is New Sky Productions and the client is Granite State Solar. The commercial will be broadcast on WMUR so keep a look out for me!

photo courtesy of New Sky Productions

— getting a morning sunrise shot during sunset, I can’t wait to see how this comes out! — (more…)

Friday’s Five: Almond Water & Wall Maps

Happy Friday! I have been the WORST at posting consistently and I am sorry! I have tried to make myself a schedule but I am not discipline enough to follow it. It’s something I am constantly working at – I get distracted with 1000 other things #adhdlevels but will continue to push myself to stick to it and be more consistent with my posts.

This week has been so nice weather-wise here in Boston! Although (more…)

Friday’s Five

Happy Friday! I hope everyone finished their Christmas shopping by now! I have 2 more things to get — but they are so simple, I can pick them up today! (gift cards). I am also on my way to the farm to take some blog pictures and also pet all the animals! I am just obsessed with these little farm animals this season. I think because they remind me of Freddy. I swear they have the same mannerisms – it’s hard to explain, but if you were around farm animals, mostly sheep, llamas, and these mini donkeys — and then with Freddy, you would get what I am talking about. 

Anyways, here are my Five Favorites this week:

— making these gingerbread mug toppers for our Christmas Day party at my parents; courtesy of Lauren Conrad’s blog(more…)

Friday’s Five

Welcome to the weekend, everyone! Today is N’s last day of work for 2 weeks – a much-needed and very much deserved vacation – he’s wrapping up his final paper of his 3 year MBA program and it’s just about that time of the year that we can count our blessings and enjoy having some time together to well do Christmas things! Even though I’m not a big fan of the winter (summer gal at heart!), Christmas time is my absolute favorite time. This year is extra special because its my last Christmas of being engaged, N is done his MBA so we can have our time back and well it’s the first Christmas that I can dedicate to doing what I love and be out of the corporate lifestyle.

I have SO much more to do today before a cookie baking galore at my parents house tonight (I’ll be posting on Snap and the recipes later tonight) – so let me quickly run down my Friday’s Five Favorites with you! (more…)