I was never a fan of online shopping — my parents never did it when I lived at home, so I guess I just didn’t think it was a good option. Turns out, it’s pretty amazing. I mean not only do most retailers offer Free Shipping, but you can basically buy a bunch of stuff (like clothes or shoes, for example), try them on and ship back what doesn’t fit..for free. It’s kind of genius especially if you don’t like fighting for a parking spot or waiting in long lines in the stores during this holiday rush. There are definitely times that I end up not buying something because of the long line.

SO, I started exploring with online shopping, ever since Nico got signed up for Amazon Prime (w/o knowing about it but we’re so obsessed now!)  For the past year, I have been sending Food Baskets as sympathy gifts to friends or family who are mourning a loss and live too far away — It’s different from the traditional flowers and definitely offers a bit of comfort #comfortfood.

As the Holidays are approaching, these food baskets also serve as amazing gifts – especially when you don’t know what to get someone. I mean, who doesn’t love food or coffee or wine? It’s the perfect time to share with all the parties going on, so it is a perfect gift to bring to share.

I selected some of my favorite food items you can order right from the couch at home:


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