New Year-New Habits? Or maybe just restart those habits that may of subsided around the Holidays — Kick start the New Year with healthy options!

Like this Organic Matcha! I always get a Green-Tea-Soy-Latte from Starbucks and after it racking up my weekly coffee-run limit, I decided to try and make it at home — Well, I have had no luck finding  green Matcha powder (Starbucks uses it in the drink!) My sister was able to find me a tiny amount in a small store in Chinatown (Boston), but it was pretty bitter(& pricey) and I couldn’t master making the GTSL I love from the bucks!

Recently, stores like Whole Foods have caught on and began filling their bulk sections with Matcha powder – However, my favorite thus far is the one from 

Did you know having just 1/2 tsp a day provides you with loads of health benefits? I drink tons of green tea, but this Matcha gives me about 137x more the amount of antioxidants.

You can only get it on Amazon.

photoHere is the Green Tea Latte I can make myself now! (using Starbucks reusable go-green cups)



Green Tea Latte
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  1. 1 teaspoon of green tea powder
  2. 1/3 cup of warm-hot, but not boiling, water
  3. 8 ounces warm-hot milk, soy milk or almond milk—don’t
  4. boil the milk, either
  5. Optional: 1 teaspoon raw honey, agave or sugar substitute
  6. (I prefer the drink unsweetened
  7. Optional: milk foam for garnish
  8. Small whisk
  9. Optional: Milk frother
  1. Whisk green tea powder and water in a small bowl until the tea is dissolved and top slightly
  2. foams.
  3. Stir in sweetener.
  4. Add warm milk to the top of the drink, filling the cup.
  5. For a frothier drink, pulse in a blender or use a frothing wand.
  6. If you have a milk frother, froth the warm milk first, then pour.
  1. *For an iced drink, prepare recipe to step 3; then add 2-3 ice cubes and mix in a blender.
  2. ** Make sure to mix the green tea powder in hot water first (not boiling) to dissolve powder
  3. completely
  4. *** Almond milk only has 80 calories and delivers a
  5. sweet taste.
You Bet Your Pierogi
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Matcha Nut Ice Cream
Serves 4
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  1. 1 cup heavy cream
  2. ½ can condensed milk
  3. 1 tbsp. Matcha powder
  4. ½ tbsp. bitter almond or rum extract
  5. ½ cup chopped pecans or hazelnuts
  1. Make sure you start with a cold mixing bowl.
  2. Add heavy cream and extract then whip until stiff peaks form.
  3. Meanwhile mix chopped nuts and Matcha in to condensed milk.
  4. Fold condensed milk mixture into whipped cream until blended.
  5. Transfer your ice cream-to-be to a freezer safe container and freeze for at
  6. least 6 hours.
  7. Enjoy by the scoop.
  8. Garnish with mint if desired.
You Bet Your Pierogi


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