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Friday’s Five: Uber for your dog , Whole30 meatless recipes and more!

Happy Friday and if you’re a practicing Catholic, Happy First Friday of Lent aka no meat day! I’d like to start sharing my Friday meals during Lent —  if you follow along with this blog and on my Insta (@youbetyourpierogi), you’ll know that I am doing the Whole30 program which makes eating quite tricky – not to mention we have social dinner events Saturday and Sunday!! #fml

I have practiced being vegan before and because I had this Isa Does it cookbook, I was able to make really good meals all the time, but with Whole30 (it’s only Day 3!!), I am struggling a bit .. I never realized how much I eat grains until I had to eliminate them or sugar — I can’t even talk about it! I crave ice-cream and sweets after every single meal! #struggling Needless to say, this is much harder than a vegan diet — I can go without meat or dairy, but to not be able to have oatmeal with honey for breakfast or make a tofu scramble is NOT EASY!  I’m going to stick with it though – there are just so many positive reviews about this program and I really want to find out what foods may be causing issues for me. I talked about that here. Once, I hit (more…)