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Summer Update – the good and the bad


Thank you for all your messages lately. I wanted to share that my wedding was more than N and I could have ever expected. It was perfect. A real fairy-tale. I will share some professional photos once I get them, but here is one of my favorites taken by my (now) cousin, Jodi.

As promised, I am working on a segment with all my wedding planning tips, sharing everything from choosing your wedding party (remember I asked my ladies with these DIY bridal party boxes) to the activities you should plan days before the BIG day.

I also have some extremely sad news to share, my baby bear, Freddy_doodle was hit by a car in front of our house one week after we returned from Europe. I honestly cannot talk about that yet. It hurts too much and combined with planning a wedding, it is the reason I have not written for some time. I am however SOOO grateful I did everything in my power to make sure he was a part of our wedding <3 

Thank you for sticking by me and my blog. I have SO much content to start sharing again — I am also collaborating with some great influencers to bring awareness to shelter animals. Combining fashion with an amazing cause is something I am really excited to be able to do. I will continue running @Freddy_doodle with the intention of helping other animals.

Last update, N and I are putting our condo on the market and moving. We planned to do this eventually, in a year or so when we bounced back from the wedding financials, but losing the love of our life was a sign that we need to start the next chapter of our lives and not wait. We call it Our Chapter 3.

I will share how to market your home for selling with tons of pictures and tips (declutter and depersonalize are key!) and am working to collaborate with some interior designers to make the new place (once we find it) our family home.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading and following along. The journey of life is so unpredictable sometimes, but what I have learned is that we all need the love and support from others to make it through the difficult times.

With love,






Fridays Five: My Bridal Shower

My lovely sister and mother threw me a gorgeous Bridal Shower on Sunday! I feel bad when people do things simply for me, so I tried to get involved with the planning and details but was forced to stay out of it. I’m so busy with work and wedding planning, so I didn’t pry too much 😉

I was taken back by how beautiful everything was! I knew it would be — I just wanted to help but I am glad I didn’t because it made it that much more special to me and a moment I will cherish forever. 

–The LOVE balloons were one of my favorite decor pieces!–


10 lessons my dog has taught me

Owning a dog has taught me so many wonderful life lessons. Here are the top 10 things Freddy has taught me in just two years 🙂

1. How to forgive and forget.

Whatever the crime, one look into those puppy-dog eyes and all is forgiven. I don’t like flip-flops anyways – he must have known that!? 


One of the best vacation islands…

FullSizeRender (2)Nico and I like to get away at least once a year… to keep us–well sane — and to reward ourselves for hard work. To refresh, refocus and to feel renewed in the one week away.

 We started this the year we met by taking the ultimate new relationship risk and traveling together! We went to Europe to visit family and it was a beyond amazing experience;  not only to see a part of the world and our families, but for us to really understand each other and grow and learn about one another. We traveled from Luxembourg – to Germany – to France (day trip) to Prague – to Poland… most of the time just us two =) 

^I’ll be sharing a post about the EU trip!

 The year after that we took off to Jamaica and stayed at an all-inclusive resort.

However, this year, with a recommendation from one of my long time friends, we decided on Saint Thomas – one of the United States Virgin Islands.  We also decided to make this trip a combination of the first two trips. How?

 Well – for one – we took off to a warm island in the middle of winter here. And two, we rented a car and explored the island life ourselves.

 Between Nico and me, we’ve experienced a handful of islands – but nothing with such a homey (almost European) feel like St. Thomas (& St.Johns!)

 We stayed at a boutique-like hotel, called Mafolie, instead of opting in for a more “standard” hotel — like the Marriott.

The people, atmosphere, food, and weather were magnificent.

Our favorite restaurant, by far, was this small outdoor seating by the bay place in Frenchtown called Epernay. From the very first bite, we were in love and even though extremely full by the end – we made sure to not waste even the tiniest amount of our meals! —the food coma was soooo worth it.

We took the car ferry one morning from the Red Hook area to St. Johns – which is another USVI about a 30-40 min ferry ride over.  We were pretty happy we brought our car, so we could go at our leisure and be able to explore the entire island – which we did. and found this small. somewhat private beach in Cove Bay all the way on the East side of the island.

DSC_0854We also found a trail on the side of the beach which ended up having multiple trails: Salt Pond, Drunk Bay and then a longer trail leading up to Rams Head – which is where I took these awesome pictures!

drunk_bay_mainDSC_0836The colors and view speak for themselves. I have never done a hike in my bathing suit (+ my Nike Free run sneakers) and …well… I LOVED it…DSC_0830On our second to last day, we found a small island –off the island– where the locals say they go when they want to “get away” Its about a 10-15 mins boat ride over there, called Water Island. or you can borrow someones dinghy if you’re lucky enough!

When you get there, you can rent a golf cart to drive around the area or walk to the beach called Honeymoon beach (which is what we did)- about a 10 min walk.DSC_0917There are 2 outside beach bars there: Heidi’s and Dinghy’s. We sat at the Dinghy bar area on the chairs provided for “patrons” only. So we naturally bought some drinks from the outside bar and enjoyed the view.

DSC_0913We went over to the opposite end and tried out Heidi’s for lunch and some more drinks —– wow. The food was outstanding. I mean Nico had a cheese burger— but no joke; it was one of the best burgers we’ve ever had. I had a Cesar salad with grilled chicken. The chicken was so tender and flavorful and the dressing was home-made and just the right amount of creamy.

People who live on that little island would come and go with their dogs for a quick swim – made me miss Freddy – of course!


We WILL be going back again… we’re hoping as early as October with some family members (including Freddy).. it was that great!



When your week off from work becomes more work than actual work!

I had this week off as I transition into my new job next Monday and I think I may of got a good dose of what it means to be a housewife! 

Being at home is work – a lot of work! You know, it could have something to do with the fact that I can’t help myself but over commit to everything or maybe you just do not realize how much your personal life is put on hold when you have a 8-5 work life or…. how can you just take a nap when the laundry has been piling up for weeks and well it’s right there and you’re right there!

Sleeping in on your week off is not really an option either….when you have a 5 month old puppy… I mean who doesn’t love getting woken up to a fluffy pup literally stretched out on the top of your head kissing your face so you wake up? (who let him on the bed?– maybe I did when I was asleep??)  I met my friend, Steph to pick up her wedding dress (yay!) the other day and she gave me this off leash dog book… Here are some pages from it…so appropriate for this post!


So I’m up way earlier than I want to be – but its good. My fiance also got a new job which requires him to travel more – sigh— so he is leaving the same week I start my new job. {picture small bombs exploding in my head}  I need a day care for Fred now.. because who knows if I can come home on lunch anymore —defiantly not on my first week – I know I can figure that small detail out – the real reason is, I cringe every time he has to travel far and for more than 2 days. I know I should be excited for him that he gets to experience different places and better his career – and I am happy – deep deep down I am – but on the surface I guess I am a little selfish— is that what its called when you want him here and not there? Well, I’m working on it …. I am <3 as long as I get some souvenirs, it evens out? HA



BUT!! I got the world done*[some] accomplishments: Freddy is eating his (dog) food again- on a schedule!, after seeing 5 different places – I found Fred a day care for next week, re-org the guest room (huge step), vacuumed and polished the whole house, repainted dining room table, nightly dinner made, Christmas returns done, laundry washed/folded/put away (3 loads), gave Fred a bath, Groomer appt sched, drug test (for new job), photography class HW done, 4 products under review for blog, created a video post for a new recipe!!(posting soon), caught up with 3 diff groups of friends (finally), found new gym, new bank account, bridal shower gift picked and wrapped, Fred started 1st grade, fixed modeling agency(for me), work on Fred’s 3rd modeling gig (hello J-crew, call me back =), security cam installed (well, yes if some stranger is picking up my precious pup)……..

That’s my little spiel – I’m not even going to go into FULL details because this post would take up half this site- but at 26, I am prepared for children and housewife duties one day{no joke}… Be it my first year owning a home with my fiance(still cant believe I’m engaged!) and owning a dog… some good preparation right there [get yourself those 3 things before you get married and have kids.. amazing practice!!] —a future husband, a furry child and a maintained home! oh and of course, a career!! duh

…and reservation is made for dinner — I am so not cooking tonight!

Happy Friday!!! This week flew by!



image (15)
My baby bear walking up the stairs on our walk!

You signed up for a 50-mile bike ride and you just got a new puppy – where you drive 30 mins on your 1 hour lunch break just to check on him-when you should be training for the race!!…. I’m talking about myself, of course!!

People ask me all the time….How do you find the time? You have so much going on…How (& why) are you involved in so many things? The answer to How is…. a mobile calender! Without my I-Phone calender and my pocket size planner… I’d be virtually screwed. The answer to Why is….  You Only Live Once and I want to make sure I do as many things as I physically,emotionally and mentally can in a day… Granted there are times, I want to do NOTHING but snuggle up on the couch with some mint tea (or a glass of white!) and a bowl of hot fudge coffee ice cream (with cream and nuts). However, I will get down on myself if I fall into a routine of doing nothing but going to work – doing the minimal amount then going home to eat something simple, wash up and go to bed….talk about BORE. I’m sorry if that is your life… but the good thing is: you can change that! You can get involved – whether it be joining a book club, going beyond your job description at work, taking a spin or yoga class, volunteering at a local soup kitchen ( highly recommended in the next few months with the cold weather), babysitting, puppy sitting, taking a cooking class, going for a run, taking a photography class.. LEARN!

So having a fulfilled life is possible and some people do not know what they are missing until they try something new and get involved! I encourage everyone to YOLO and YOYO (You’re Only Young Once). There are so many things to do in your 20’s, new things to do in your 30’s,40’s…even 80’s! Get out there! Enjoy all that is good in this world!

The good and bad of #YOLO – I only use it for the good benefits- you should too!

Back on track to what I was trying to talk about,(ADHD problems) I have been riding from work on my bike every day this week so far to “train” -more like cope- with riding the 50 miles this Saturday!! Got to keep telling myself its for a great cause and I can finish..eeek We’ll see!