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I hope everyone is doing well! I feel like I say this a lot but I am sorry for my lack of posts. I promise I have not given up on my blog!! I love it too much! Balancing a 9-5 job with a dog (my child) , keeping up with a workout routine, trying to eat and cook healthy meals at home and PLAN a wedding has been making my blogging time quite difficult. I defiently had a reality check when I went back to work like most of America #moneyyy — I do hope I can work from home for the majority of my career again soon, but until now I am posting whenever I can!



Wedding outfit #6 + Fall Festival

As promised, my outfit to the wedding! (and my handsome guy)
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The dress is by Gypsy 05  sweater material, long sleeved, above the knee paired with dark nude closed toe pumps. It was perfect – I wasn’t cold or hot – I was just the right temp all night.

Gorgeous wedding and a gorgeous young couple at the Seaport in Boston 🙂 Love Love.

We used the Uber car service to pick us up and bring us back home after the wedding – so smart as it was open bar ALL night. We defiantly enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday, Nico went to play Kickball and I took Freddy to brunch with my girlfriends.. He met little Bella – my friends rescue dog – so precious. She took some time to warm up to Freddy, but eventually came around. Freddy was so cute, slowly nudging a toy over to her so she would play with him.

We went to Newburyport for the annual Fall Festival. Ok, I know in some way, I “signed up for this”, (as my friends pointed out) but I’m sorry if I get a little annoyed that the majority of my time out, I need to stop and answer questions about Freddy: yes, hes a goldendoodle, his name is Freddy, he is a he, he is X weeks old.. he is a mini-size…. I mean, don’t I get to enjoy my day out too? I know I’m being selfish?- maybe  little, but is it bad I just want to hand out biography cards to  people so I can enjoy making memories with my friends?


 I DID NOT sign up for that!  .. I know I’ll warm up eventually and get used to it….right?

Well, now that I’m done with my little rant -(Sorry!) the time I got to enjoy the festival was great –warm bread bowls, fried chicken and ribbon fries, fried dough, candy apples, hot cider.. the works!!

I hope everyone got to enjoy some gorgeous fall activity out there!  I can’t get enough 🙂 There is a Halloween Pumpkin Stroll this weekend! I hope we end up going





An exciting Labor Day Weekend

Meet Freddy! Teddy Bear

Last week was defiantly FALL-like. For god’s sake, I got myself pumpkin beer and pumpkin spice iced coffees!! Labor Day weekend was back to SUMMER weather – between the 90 degree sunny days, cruising with the windows down, thunderstorms @night and my fav: vanilla soft serve ice-cream cones 🙂   —- nothing pumpkin spice about it… a pretty perfect way to start bringing the summer months to an end. For many of you out there, this final weekend of summer vacation, is filled with family, friends, back-to-school shopping, booze, and way too much food.  For me, (I had all the above) AND MORE!    … I got a PUPPY… a 9 week old baby Golden doodle pile of fluff named Freddy …. My heart couldn’t be happier – a little blessing and a BIG responsibility…. I will have a PET category that I hope to open up to others for advice, questions, experiences- like some type of a pet owner portal,  where we can  share any fun pet products, activities, dog parks…. oh and I will defiantly be sharing the baked treats I make…b/c it just wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t bake him something………oh what  I do for the boys in my life… right Nico? 😉 Xo, KPM

I don't want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!
I don’t want to sleep, even if its 3 AM!

P.S Follow Freddy on Instagram Freddy_doodle. He’ll be modeling soon, mark my words!


image (15)
My baby bear walking up the stairs on our walk!

You signed up for a 50-mile bike ride and you just got a new puppy – where you drive 30 mins on your 1 hour lunch break just to check on him-when you should be training for the race!!…. I’m talking about myself, of course!!

People ask me all the time….How do you find the time? You have so much going on…How (& why) are you involved in so many things? The answer to How is…. a mobile calender! Without my I-Phone calender and my pocket size planner… I’d be virtually screwed. The answer to Why is….  You Only Live Once and I want to make sure I do as many things as I physically,emotionally and mentally can in a day… Granted there are times, I want to do NOTHING but snuggle up on the couch with some mint tea (or a glass of white!) and a bowl of hot fudge coffee ice cream (with cream and nuts). However, I will get down on myself if I fall into a routine of doing nothing but going to work – doing the minimal amount then going home to eat something simple, wash up and go to bed….talk about BORE. I’m sorry if that is your life… but the good thing is: you can change that! You can get involved – whether it be joining a book club, going beyond your job description at work, taking a spin or yoga class, volunteering at a local soup kitchen ( highly recommended in the next few months with the cold weather), babysitting, puppy sitting, taking a cooking class, going for a run, taking a photography class.. LEARN!

So having a fulfilled life is possible and some people do not know what they are missing until they try something new and get involved! I encourage everyone to YOLO and YOYO (You’re Only Young Once). There are so many things to do in your 20’s, new things to do in your 30’s,40’s…even 80’s! Get out there! Enjoy all that is good in this world!

The good and bad of #YOLO – I only use it for the good benefits- you should too!

Back on track to what I was trying to talk about,(ADHD problems) I have been riding from work on my bike every day this week so far to “train” -more like cope- with riding the 50 miles this Saturday!! Got to keep telling myself its for a great cause and I can finish..eeek We’ll see!




Date Night

How important is date night? When you’re not home 7AM-6PM (M-F), your boyfriend is back in school getting his MBA, so not home till 10PM some nights, you just got a new puppy, you’re balancing living away from home for the first year (AKA:dinner planning, weekly lunch planning, where is all this laundry coming from!?, dishes galore, didn’t I just go grocery shopping?,maintaining the garden, forget about putting my clothes away, studying for Dental Admission Test( uhh?),training for the bike race, GYM? (why do I still pay for a membership?),blogging, keeping up with friends & some sort of social life, schedules, too many weddings, baby showers! (so happy for my BFF!), the list goes on and on. I may or may not over-commit story of my life -really!

So yes, the time for your significant other can be slim- even if its just cuddling in bed.. the puppy cries and we keep him in bed so cuddling and that minimal alone time we had together can be a challenge now!

Date night is VERY important. 

I’m excited to go out with my handsome guy tonight. I made a reservation via Open Table to an Italian restaurant in the North End… Think wine (bottle, please!), warm bread, Chix Marsala, fresh cannoli, …. Is the work day over yet?

I need to plan my outfit! Its chilly out so I’ll mix in some Fall-inspired items along with a pop of summer… Not ready to let it go fully!


Happy Friday!

Oh, I found some fun, creative  date ideas (cheap too) on Boston.com! Once the pup gets older, I’ll have to plan a VT trip – my absolute favorite esp during Foliage season! – so soon!