68f7491fcd967f4e4f2eda6ef56f7764Being engaged is something new, exciting and ….well a learning process. There is SO much that goes into the whole process of a wedding.

However, I am making a vow before the actual vow that I will not turn into a Bridezilla. What does that mean exactly? Well to me, it means making sure to take things slow, enjoy every step taken until you walk down that isle, in regards to kindly declining anyone who begins to overwhelm you with details, but to respect everyone who does want to help…tricky..yes… and to urban dictionary, a Bridezilla:

noun. Formed from blending of the words bride and Godzilla (Japanese movie monster). Used to describe a woman whose behavior becomes outrageously bad in the course of planning for her wedding.

Joan, normally a pleasant person, became a real bridezilla whenever she spoke to the caterers.
A woman who has become so possessed and obsessed with her wedding plans that she has merged into a hybrid events/catering/ambience driven monster. Stopping at nothing to create ‘her perfect day’.

I say this all the time, but I know little to nothing about weddings – mostly because I never cared to- I guess I hoped one day I would just be in love, real love- the love that you can feel within – the love that can be challenging at times, but 110% worth it- the love you cant and don’t want to ever be without… the love I have now. 

I figured the rest would all fall into place, yet I just spent 3 hours of my morning looking for engagement photo inspirations. It is very easy to get swallowed up in the business of having a wedding.  I don’t want that. I want this journey of getting married to be memorable, beautiful and inspirational for everyone involved! I want it to be different- in that I don’t want a high demanding or “traditional” wedding that is in all the bridal stores and magazines- basically and most importantly, I just want it to be US- to feel like us.

We will have the engagement party, engagement photos and the other celebrations – not because someone says “you’re supposed to” but because A) I love photo-shoots and B) this is the fun you want to have  — who doesn’t want an excuse to throw a party anyways? 

In getting in some wedding education this morning, I hope I keep this mental state and make sure this is an enjoyable journey for all the important people we share it with and of course, for us.

My wedding journey PINTEREST ideas

*if you want to see if you or your bride-to-be might be turning into a Bridezilla… Take this quiz!

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