I’m back from Mexico and have a million things to catch up on with work, emails, getting Freddy back!!(he’s still at his grandparents house), unpacking, picture uploading, etc etc…..but I just wanted to write a quick post because I’m super excited about some of my upcoming posts!  For one, the KISS InstaWave Hair curler (which I took with me to Mexico) helped me to do my hair in 10 minutes from getting out of the shower- amazing – Ill be posting a video to show you how easy it is!
Also, I have the 3D mascara coming to me soon so I can’t wait to show you how that works- hey, I cant wait to try it out for myself first! – because I’m pretty close to treating myself to lash extensions, but if this can achieve that in a fraction of the cost- I’m all for it.
I have some amazing candles from Old Factory Candles coming my way too!- perfect for holiday gifts! There is something magical, yet simple about coming home and having the rooms lit up with candles.
Oh, and I’ll be sharing the most amazing pictures from the wedding- I swear the background looks photo-shopped- its that breathtaking. Here is a sneak peak: 



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