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I mean, this time of year Iā€™m all about drawstring pants, hot peppermint tea, fuzzy socks and a great candle. Even better if the hot tea is replaced with a hot mulled wine. So basic, yet so heavenly. I made it recently and put up a recipe here.

These cashmere gloves are a 3-in-1 deal. I have been looking for the perfect ones everywhere. I NEED them when I take Fred for a cold night walk and he goes to the bathroom, I hate having to take my entire glove off to open up a poop bag – so these are perfect as you can make them finger-less — a MUST for dog owners.  These candles I’m loving right now as they are filled with natural scents of amber, vetiver and smooth musk to perfectly capture the feeling of a cozy evening spent by a warm fire. I wish we had a fireplace at our house (our next house, I’ll be sure to make sure of it!) In the meantime, I’ve been loving the Netflix Fireplace video šŸ™‚ along with having the candle lit.  Has anyone tried this? Someone was talking about it at Thanksgiving and I just had to try it out — I love it.

Thanks so much for reading! Stay cozy, and if you have any cozy favorites, Iā€™d love to hear ā€“ XO ā€“

*Oh, P.S. I put the direct links to each numbered item under the collage picture*



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