Is it already Day 30?!! ….of the program that felt like it would last for 100 days!  I am on to the fast-paced reintroduction phase and I am pretty excited! Honestly, I had to check the calendar like 3 times to be sure the 30 days was over. Once you get the hand of it, it kind of just goes by quickly 🙂

Am I glad I did this? Kinda. Do I think that I feel so much better without eating ____? Not really. Have I learned more about my body and food from this experience? Absolutely. Honestly though, life is too short and if I want to eat a freakin sushi roll every once in a while, I am going to. Everything in moderation and you’ll be golden.

For the reintroduction phase, the book gives you 2 options: a fast & a slow approach with explanations for both. I am doing the fast-paced option– because I think I can narrow down which foods might be a problem for me: dairy and gluten-containing grains & more importantly because Easter is in 10 days and I don’t want to be in Whole30 mode…at all. So, my week will go like this: legumes one day — Whole30 next 2 days — non-gluten grains — Whole30 —  dairy — Whole30 — gluten-containing grains…

I’ll post my review of the reintroduction phase next week.


I feel like I am more aware and concentrated which is huge for me!

I’m so much more aware of labels.  I read labels on the back of everything! 

I lost five lbs — not that I needed to — and I feel like I lost a lot more because of all the bloat that’s gone!

I found some new fav recipes like this shepherds pie (pictured) that N couldn’t stop eating! #noleftovers


Because of having to prepared for every possible food scenario – this eating plan really rules out any kind of spontaneity.  I mentioned before I miss just meeting N after work for dinner out or throwing a pizza in the oven and popping a bottle of wine for a no cook relaxing night.

I recognize a lot of people can’t eat like this because it’s definitely more expensive.  I spend $30-$40 more per week at the grocery store!! 

I feel like all I’m doing is meal/snack prep, yet I’m hungry every 2-3 hours. I have eaten far more Larabars then the program allows — but I was so hungry in between meals! I have a super-fast metabolism so stuffing my face with more than I could normally eat was not working! I couldn’t fit the food in one sitting and then I was hungry 2 hours later.


The shepard pie was super easy to make. I have never made a regular shepards pie before, but this version and recipe is a keeper!

I made these salmon cakes (pic above)for lunch last Friday #NoMeatFridays. I didn’t have squash so I used sweet potatoes and then this shrimp for dinner. Both were delicious!

I also shared on Insta (@youbetyourpierogi) that I made these healthy cupcakes! (pic above) I am sorry– I just HAD to and they are called CLEAN cupcakes SO it’s like not even dessert?  This program def taught me that I can make I can make healthier versions of my favs now that this program is done 🙂


That’s all for now! Thank you for all the suggestions and advice! Let me know if you are trying this program out and how it’s going for you.


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