Every year, I use Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent as the best excuse to really push my health & fitness routine to the next gear. If you read my Friday’s post, I mentioned that I was cutting out all animal products from my diet, but I am not entirely convinced that is the best option for me quite yet. To be honest, I just want to find what inflammatory foods are for me– you know those foods that after you eat, you feel sluggish or super bloated or the next day you get a blemish – ughh. I used to just think that was normal – I overate or whatever, but after doing more research, I realize that it may be the actual food that I am eating that is doing something negative to my body and my body has been giving me “warning” signs all along. This also comes after a visit to my doctor for my yearly physical last week. I usually just say everything is fine, when they go down the list of possible health concerns but this time, I stopped when she said heart palpitations and had to be honest and say yes.

Sometimes after I eat, I not only feel a little sluggish or noticeably bloat, but I can physically feel my heart beating faster than normal. I mean when you just finished eating and are “relaxing” on the couch and you have to take deep breaths just to feel like you are catching your breath, is probably something I should stop ignoring?  My Dr wants me to wear a holter monitor for 24 hr so they can really understand when and how fast my heart is actually beating….

But anyways, I decided I would take the leap and try this Whole30 program. I have tried to keep a food journal in the past to eliminate possible “problem foods” for me like dairy, for example, but only was able to keep that going until the weekend and never figured anything out (goes back to my lack of discipline when I have some freedom), so with this structured Whole30 plan, I know what I can and can’t have and they say you cannot slip at all or you need to start over, so I like that! I like a good challenge and HATE failing so here it goes.

Whole30 is a program challenging 30 days of extremely clean eating (no cheating!), followed by a 10-day reintroduction process to see which food groups may or may not irritate your stomach.

I’m not one for a rigid eating program, but the purpose of this is to learn more about your body, how it tolerates foods and how you feel when you eat the way we are intended to eat… I feel like it’s a mostly vegan diet (which I did last year for 40 days of Lent) but with meat and eggs.

SO, I’ll be sharing some of my Whole30 journey on Snapchat (KPMroczko), and and it seems people are interested in hearing weekly updates – so here we are! Every Wednesday (since I am starting today), I plan to share some pros and cons of the week and my favorite recipes.

I’m off to the grocery store and have pinned these meals as a start:

I ordered this book and this cookbook so hopefully will have plenty more recipes for week 2! I am still not sure if I want to be eating so much meat ever since watching  Food Choices, but I will give this a shot and see how I feel. I may tweak it and remove meats, but for week 1, I will follow as directed.

Let me know if there if there is anything specific you guys are wondering and if you’ve done Whole30 before – I’d love to hear about any favorites you might have! Also, if you are still not sure about your food choices, read this book first! Thanks so much for reading – oh, and don’t forget to get your ashes at church today!


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