Hi! It is absolutely POURING here in Boston today! We have major flood warnings happening, but it’s been a nice calm day in the house. Freddy has been napping pretty much all day (he must be wiped from day-care all week!) and I am able to get a lot of work done in the office.

Like this post that should have been up yesterday! (I am sorry, I got super busy yesterday). The reintroduction phase started off really well and then it went down hill super quick when we went on a road trip to NYC over the weekend! I think I mentioned this before in my Whole30 reviews, but doing the Whole30 program when traveling is EXTREMELY difficult — some might say quite impossible. Well, Saturday was supposed to be my Whole30 day and it was NOT at all. I want to be completely honest. After spending the entire day walking around Central Park in NYC, we stopped on the way back to Boston to the Polish restaurant in CT.  Because they allowed Freddy to come in and sit under the table with us, I was able to completely relax (vs worrying about him crying in the car!) and thus had a piece of Polish rye bread pre-spread with butter, some pickle soup that undoubtedly had sour cream in it, I felt guilty and ordered a Whole30 approved meal but it would never be something I would get so I did not like it and started picking at N’s mashed potatoes, mom’s breaded cutlet and then before you know it I was ordering the naleśniki. I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW GOOD THESE WERE! Naleśniki are essentially super thin pancakes or crepes and these were filled with sweet cheese and lightly crisped up over butter. YUMMMM  Needless to say, my Whole30 went out the window and I had a major stomach ache driving home — I do not know if it was from the dairy or from the gluten…….YES, it WAS worth it!

Okay, now that I got that out there. I will share how my days went before that and the plan I had initially made for the entire week.

Day 1: NON-GLUTEN GRAINS  (GF oats, rice, corn tortilla chips, GF bread) while keeping the rest of the food Whole30. I had steel-cut oats with almond butter and berries for breakfast with a Green Tea. For lunch, I had some corn tortilla chips with an avocado and salsa. For dinner, we had brown rice with lemon chicken & veggies (pictured above)

Day 2 & 3:  WHOLE30 MEALS

Day 4: LEGUMES (peanut butter, soy sauce, tofu, black beans) while keeping the rest of the food Whole30. I had strawberry soy yogurt and soy milk in my coffee for breakfast, peanut butter with apple for lunch, & a LARABAR. For dinner, we had grilled salmon with veggies and Nico made rice again (even though I told him to make lentils). SO  don’t know if you can have the non-whole30 foods that you introduced a few days before or not? but we did. Oh well. For dessert, I made those 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies that I posted about before.

Sidenote: I had major stomach pains that night – so I was thinking it was from the peanut butter…

Day 5: WHOLE30 MEALS. I started out with a Whole30 breakfast, but then got a hotdog and roasted nuts in Central Park, followed by my feast of a non-whole 30 dinner at the Polish restaurant. I failed this day.

Day 6 & 7: WHOLE30 MEALS. I tried to re-bound and only made Whole30 approved foods

Day 8: (Today!)  DAIRY (plain yogurt, creamer in coffee, cheese, regular butter & sour cream…) while keep the rest of the meals Whole30. I made my favorite tacos (on corn tortillas) and added cheese and sour cream. 

Day 9 & 10 : WHOLE30 MEALS. because of my cheating day, my 10 day reintroduction phase will last a few days longer.

Day 11: GLUTEN-CONTAINING GRAINS (whole wheat cereal, muffins, whole grain bread, wheat crackers, beer..) while keeping the rest of food Whole30.

Day 12 & 13: WHOLE30 MEALS

Day 14: ALCOHOL (red wine, GF beer, 100% agave tequila) I am already such a light weight, so a few sips of wine will go a long way!

I tried to evaluate which foods may be causing sensitivities, but it can be hard when there are other factors happening – like the time of the month, or wedding stress — and then you aren’t sure if it is the particular food or something else.  However, I do think that peanut butter and soy causes some type of disruption in my body. I had dairy today, which is something I suspected to have an issue with — and also gluten which I will fully reintroduce in the next few days.

Let me know if you have done this program and learned about particular food sensitivities! Thanks for reading along. XO, K

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