Happy October 1st!! Being a Resident Adviser in college, -on top of all the related job responsibilities we had – one was creating a monthly bulletin board! For inspiration, I would look up what each month was known for nationally and turned it into a fun educational piece ūüôā

So, being the first day of the month РI thought I would share some of my favorite National holidays for October:

Adopt A Dog Month –done and done… please help out a dog before the cold weather hits!

American Cheese Month, not the biggest fan of American cheese Рbut a pretty big cheese lovah Рa whole wheel of warm Brie to my face.. yes and yes.

Apple Month- can’t wait for our annual apple picking trip!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Here is a link on how to do a Breast Self Exam at home.

Bullying Prevention Month – try to have a convo with a kid in elementary, middle or high school and see if they open up about anything related to bullying at school (or at home)

Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month – I learned English in kindergarten and only spoke Polish, so I can appreciate this one!

Halloween Safety Month- I’m not sure if having a puppy counts as being able to partake in trick or treating anymore? I wish they did a puppy trick or treat.. do they? I‚Äôll be double checking those treats though! Sorry, it‚Äôs sad but true – there are cruel people out there.

National Animal Safety and Protection Month – I’m so on it! 2ndVet apt is tomorrow!

National Bake and Decorate Month-¬†isn’t¬†this every month? but I can see with the weather change,¬†autumn decor, warm pie – makes sense.

National Cookbook Month –¬†I’m¬†almost through my¬†ISA Does It¬†cookbook- I saved some Fall-like¬†recipes that I’ll be trying soon and then on to a new cookbook.. its so great to learn new recipes-¬†hopefully¬†ones¬†that you can carry on when you have a family (your go-to’s!)

National Dental¬†Hygiene Month– one of my favorites! working in a dental office for 7 years, I love anything Dental related -fingers crossed I get into an American dental school this time around!!. Please make sure you FLOSS – my #1 take home message. I went to Honduras for a medical brigade a few years ago and gave out tons of tooth brushes and floss.. flossing by far is the most important to take care of those gums – b/c if they¬†aren’t¬†healthy- how will your teeth stay in place?

Photographer Appreciation Month – I can’t wait to take a¬†photography¬†class with my dad soon… having this¬†blog and reading so many other blogs with wonderful pictures has really opened my eyes to the beauty of a simple photograph.

Polish American Heritage Month- well hello! You bet your pierogis that I like this one!

Look here for complete list!